If you enter an incorrect Wi-Fi password while setting up your Playstation 5, or if you are getting a “cannot connect to Wi-Fi Network” error, it’s better if you make the PS5 forget your Wi-Fi Network and reconnect.

If this is your first Playstation, the steps to delete your Wi-Fi might not appear as intuitive. Here’s what you need to do.

Steps to delete or unregister Wi-Fi on PS 5

Here’s how you can do so in a few simple steps:

  1. Go to Settings>> Network

    Navigate and select the settings wheel on the top right corner, next scroll down to ‘Network’

  2. Navigate down to “Settings” in the Network menu

    Now select “Settings”>> Set-up internet connection

  3. Now delete the registered network

    Select the registered network that you wish to delete and tap the ‘x’ button.

  4. Tap on Delete

    You will notice that the ‘Delete’ option is greyed out. You will first select ‘Disconnect’ and then the ‘Delete’ option.

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If you still don’t see the ‘Delete’ option, you can register PS5 to a new Wi-Fi network and then delete the previous network using the same steps above.


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