Google has become our intimate companion that knows where we are; what we do; what we eat; when we sleep; and where our interests lie. A big chunk of what it knows about us comes from what we search on its ubiquitous search engine.

Some may say that Google is crossing the line and violating privacy but Google says that it does it to make the search results faster and more relevant.

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To favor the latter, Google has rolled out another update for the Google app users where the app will screenshot every result you have searched in the past week. Yes, you heard it right!

Google app is caching search queries as screenshots and storing them locally in the app. The advantage is that it allows users to access the information later without trying to re-create or locate the particular page. However, on down side, somebody might just peek gain an elaborate sneak peek into your personal domain.

Here is how you can disable Google recent search cards in the app.

Where can you spot Screenshot search?

If you are using Google launcher just swipe right to your screen and you are in Google app, otherwise open your Google app. Once you do that go to “Recent” tab located on the bottom right of the screen (make sure you have updated version of Google app), if not, you can also access it by swiping right from the left edge, now select “Recent”. There you have all the recent searches and results in the form of swipe-able cards with the time-frame on the bottom.

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How to get rid of them?

The process is simple. You can either swipe up to remove the each entry manually or you can permanently disable the feature. To do that tap the three dots present on the top right corner of the Recent tab. From there, turn-off the “Enable Recent” option. Once you do it there will be no search screenshot saved on your phone but, you will still have the search history.


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