Here’s What Broke Down Sam Altman’s iPhone When He Was Ousted From OpenAI

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Last month, Sam Altman’s firing from OpenAI sent a shockwave down the AI industry. The news made several headlines, with experts and journalists speculating the reasons behind his firing. However, investors, employees, and the general public all favored bringing back Altman, which is what happened eventually. Here’s an interesting anecdote from when Altman couldn’t use his phone briefly.

Here’s What Altman Said About His iPhone Breaking Down

Altman recently appeared on Trevor Noah’s podcast titled What Now. During the episode, Altman talked about how his ouster from OpenAI shocked him. During the interview, he mentioned how his phone was unusable for some time because he received notifications nonstop. “iMessage did this thing where it stopped working for a while,” Altman says in the podcast.

Further, he wasn’t receiving the messages on time, as the service had to redirect too many texts his way. Besides late message delivery, iMessage also marked everything as read for him, which is very rare as few users have faced this issue. Although the number of messages Altman received isn’t known, it would have to be too many to trouble Apple’s servers that redirect iMessage texts.

Altman Also Opened Up About How He Felt At The Time

OpenAI sacks Sam Altman, the man behind ChatGPT

Further, Altman also spoke about how his firing caused a lot of confusion and chaos, even though the news didn’t immediately feel real to him. He was upset by the board’s decision to remove him. Following this, the company hired two interim CEOs until most employees expressed their desire to resign if they didn’t reinstate Sam Altman as the CEO.

For a short while, Altman was employed at Microsoft, where Nadella offered him a CEO role at the company’s new advanced AI research wing. However, Microsoft was comfortable even when Altman decided to return. Since then, OpenAI has formed its new board, with D’Angelo the only member representing the previous board and an observational seat for Microsoft.

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