Vision Pro Could Arrive With Over 150 3D Movies, Apps Should Also Be Available With A 3D Interface

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As the Apple Vision Pro nears launch, more information about the mixed-reality headset is surfacing online. Most recently, reports about a newly granted patent showed up, wherein the inventors imagined how the outside screen could be used to show what the user was doing. It details how the screen can showcase different icons, such as weather, DO NOT DISTURB sign, Zoom icon for a video meeting, etc.

Users Will Be Able To Watch 3D Movies On Vision Pro

Reports indicate that the Vision Pro will launch with over 150 3D movies on AppleTV+ and Disney. Some popular titles include Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, The Super Mario Bros. Movie, and Avatar: The Way of Water. Including these popular movies indicates that Apple wants the Vision Pro to do well, and it is counting on entertainment to be one of the critical use cases of the device.

Vision Pro users should be able to purchase or rent three-dimensional versions of selected movies from the Apple TV app. Naturally, those who own a three-dimensional version should be able to watch it on the headset for no additional cost. Further, several streaming apps will also provide 3D versions of their most popular movies on the mixed-reality headset at launch.

A tipster has leaked how the Safari browser could work on the headset.

This Is How Safari Could Look On visionOS

Apple Vision Pro's 3D interface for Safari
Safari’s 3D interface via M1/Discord

An X (formerly known as Twitter) user recently uploaded two demo videos on Apple’s web browser Safari, running on the company’s mixed reality headset, Vision Pro. In the video, the headset’s operating system, visionOS, was shown to run Safari tabs in a three-dimensional space.

As users look through Vision Pro, they can arrange the tabs in the shape of a plus sign in front of them. For instance, they could have a window with three tabs in front of them. However, at any point, if users want to open a tab separately, they should be able to drag and drop it to the right or the left of the current window. Then, they can see the content on both windows by panning their head.

Users Can Change Where And How A Tab Appears

Apple Vision Pro's 3D interface for Safari
Safari’s 3D interface via M1/Discord

The video also shows how users can change the shape of a tab depending on the content they are viewing and arrange tabs above or below the central tab. Hence, instead of the vertical, two-dimensional stacking on regular computers or smartphones, users can interact with web browser tabs in a three-dimensional setup using Apple’s Vision Pro.

In the demo video, one can also see Vision Pro’s ability to view three-dimensional objects in a 360-degree view. Further, users can also resize the object to get a better view. That said, the headset will debut as soon as early next month. A recent report claimed that the device should ship to Apple stores in the United States by this month and be available to purchase in February 2024.

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