Google Now on Tap was the most exciting feature of Android Marshmallow when Google first demonstrated it at Google IO last year. When Android Marshmallow went live, the Now on Tap garnered favorable reviews, but it was also abundantly clear that it was work in progress.



Here is quote from our Nexus 5X Review:

“We were very excited about Now on Tap, and it is cool too, but it still seems like work in progress. The idea is potentially awesome, but has proved to be a hit and miss thing so far. We don’t find ourselves using Now on Tap very often.”

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But, we also know that Google will keep improving this contextual search feature, and the latest improvement is limited optical character recognition support which enables it to pic text from images for better contextual search.

This new feature also works when you are viewing an image in the Photos App or through camera viewfinder. This means, you can always pull out your Marshmallow running handset point the camera towards an unknown and wait for Google to work its magic and update you with more information. The accuracy isn’t stellar so far, but once again you expect Google to gradually keep improving it in future updates.

This indeed makes Google Now On Tap a lot more exiting.

Via – Android Police



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