An update to the Google Drive is coming soon, that will allow the users to backup their entire hard drive onto the cloud storage, and will also include the documents folder as well as other custom locations.

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This update will arrive separately (meaning that it won’t be merged with the Google Drive), and will make use of a backup tool to do the deal.

The new Backup and Sync update coming out soon

Google has named it as the ‘Backup and Sync’ app, and it looks set to replace the existing Google Drive app and the Google Photos Backup app in most cases. But, for now, this new app will only be available to regular users, with the business users expected to have access to it once the enterprise edition is out.

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The company is, however, yet to explain how this new app is going to function, or for that matter, whether the users will be able to sync the data on other computer systems as well. That said, all the data so backed up would be counted against the total storage quota on the drive.

The existing Google Drive app is getting a revamped version

This implies that the majority of free users (that have an existing storage quota of 15GB) will have to cough up some money to upgrade and increase it further.

The Backup and Sync app is slated to enter the market on the 28th of this month, and seems like a good move by the company to allow the users to put all of their stuff together in a single place.

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It would be interesting to see how things unfold after 28th for the company.


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