Exclusive Pixel 8a Wallpapers Revealed: Download Pixel 8 Wallpapers To Give Your Phone A Fresh Look

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Google’s Pixel phones are known for their aesthetics. And it’s not just the physical design of these phones that separates them from other models; it’s also the easy-to-use user interface, where wallpapers play a crucial role. Although it is quite easy to overlook the work that goes into designing wallpapers that complement the look and feel of the Pixel phones, publications have stopped this from happening by providing coverage, and now it’s our turn. Smartprix, in collaboration with Kamila Wojciechowska, brings you an exclusive look at Pixel 8a‘s wallpapers.

Pixel 8a’s Minerals Wallpaper Collection

Once again, Google has turned to Andrew Zuckerman for creating the “Minerals” collection for its Pixel 8a series. It contains three new wallpapers, each of which has a light and dark variant for completing the overall display settings of the device. The names and colors of the Pixel 8a wallpapers are given below. Remember, the preview images aren’t high-quality, as we had to compress them. Nonetheless, we’ve also attached the high-quality versions at the end of this article so you can download and experience the Pixel 8a Mineral aesthetics on your phone.

Pixel 8a Titanite Wallpapers

The Titanite wallpapers are codenamed “emerald.” They showcase a green emerald stone in two variants: light and dark (click to download the high-quality version).

Pixel 8a Barite Wallpapers

The Barite wallpapers are codenamed “sky” as they showcase a mineral in sky-blue color. This one also has two versions: light and dark (click to download the high-quality version). Interestingly, this was the same color we saw on the Pixel 8a’s leaked images. The Pixel 8 Pro’s “Bay” color also had the codename “sky,” so there’s a chance that the final names could be the same.

Pixel 8a Hematite Wallpapers

The Hematite wallpapers are codenamed “licorice” and showcase the mineral in a dark black hue. Both light and dark versions of this wallpaper are available for preview (click to download the high-quality version). The Pixel 8’s Obsidian color also carried the codename “licorice.”

Apart from these, the Pixel 8a could also feature two “porcelain” wallpapers. These could be inspired by the Porcelain finish we’ve seen on the Pixel Fold. You can download the light and dark versions as well.

Antti Kalevi’s Motif Illustration Could Also Make Its Way To The Final Collection

Antti Kalevi's Motif Illustration Pixel 8a

There’s another illustration that could make its way to the final Pixel 8a wallpaper collection. Designed by Antti Kalevi, an artist from Finland, the illustration appears to be a recolored version of a wallpaper in the Motif collection that’s been a part of the Pixel phones since the Pixel 6.

That was your first look at the Pixel 8a wallpaper, exclusively from Smartprix and Kamila Wojciechowska. In October, Smartprix also published exclusive Pixel 8a renders.

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