Everything You Need to Know About Getting a Fancy Number Plate in Maharashtra 2024

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Every car and bike needs to get a unique registration number which is assigned by the Regional Transport Office (RTO). The registration number for every vehicle is already unique but some car and bike enthusiasts want to look exceptional among the public and for that they get a special number for their vehicle. The psychology behind this practice is to stand out different from the crowd and get everyone’s attention. You can get a fancy number in any part of the country including Maharashtra. Continue reading to know how you can get a fancy number for your vehicle.

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What is a Fancy Number Plate?

A fancy number plate can be issued for both cars and bikes they’re also known as VIP number plates. People spend lakhs of rupees to get a special number plate which gives a special identity to their priceless vehicles. Some of the examples of fancy number plates are 0001 ,9999, 4444, 0786, 5000, 0099, etc. If you want to get a fancy number plate for your car and bike, you’ll have to pay an additional fee to the RTO in Maharashtra to get a VIP number plate for your vehicle.

Steps to apply for a Fancy Number Plate in Maharashtra-

You can get a fancy number by participating in an E-auction which is conducted by MoRTH (Ministry of Road Transport and Highway). Following are the steps to book a fancy number via E-auction in Maharashtra.

  • Register yourself as a Public User on the official website of Ministry of Road Transport and Highway (MoRTH).
  • After registration login using your credentials and select a fancy number.
  • Pay the registration fees for the reservation of the selected number.
  • Bid for your selected registration number.
  • You’ll have to pay the balance or collect the refund according to the result of the auction.
  • Save and print the allotment letter for reference.

Things you should keep in mind while Applying for a Fancy Number Plate in Maharashtra

These are some of the points you should keep in mind while you’re applying for a Fancy number plate in Maharashtra.

  • You’ll have to pay the fees as soon as you win the bid for your selected registration plate.
  • If you don’t get the selected number even after winning the bid, then claim a refund.
  • The rules mentioned under the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 should be followed even if you already have a fancy number plate installed in your vehicle.
  • You can visit the Parivahan website to check the availability of your preferred number plate or visit a nearby RTO in Maharashtra for the same.
  • HSRP number plate is mandatory for all the cars and bikes having a fancy number.

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Steps to check the availability of the Fancy Number Plate in Maharashtra-

It is important to check if your choice of number is available for bidding or not before applying for it in Maharashtra. Following are the steps to check the availability of the number on the Parivahan website.

  • First, open up the official website of Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH)
  • Then, click in the ‘Choice Number’ that appears at the bottom of the screen.
  • You’ll be redirected to a new page. Here, you’ll have to select the state and RTO name.
  • Then a list of numbers will appear on the page and from that you can choose one for your vehicle.

Fee of Fancy numbers in Maharashtra-

There may be a slight difference in the registration fees of the RTOs in different states. There is also a payment in addition to the registration fees to reserve the choice of number before the auction. Following is the table that shows that how much you need to pay for the different fancy numbers.

CategoryExample of Fancy NumberFees
Semi-Fancy Numbers 0100, 0111, 0109, 0200, 0222, 0300, 0333, 0400, 0500, 0555, 0600, 0775, 0666, 0700, 0777, 0800, 0888, 0999, 2222, 3333, 4444, 5555, 6000, 6666, 7000, 8000, 8888, 9000, 0101, 0108, 1008, & 1313 Rs.1 Lakh 
Single Digit0003, 0008, 0004, 0006, 0007, etc Rs.3 Lakh
Others 0010 to 0099, 0786, 1111, 2222, 7777, 9999, 0999, etc  Rs. 2 Lakh
Super Elite 0001 Rs. 5 Lakh

Here’s the process for E-Auction of Fancy Number Plate Registration in Maharashtra-

The steps you need to follow for the E-auction of the fancy number plate registration in Maharashtra:

  • Register on the official website of MoRTH and get the Unique Acknowledgement Number (UAN)
  • Pay the non-refundable registration fees and the reservation price of the fancy registration number.
  • Select the number of your choice and block the number.
  • The registration portal will be open for three days from the start of the e-auction, and bidding will take place on the following two days.
  • There you can change the bid in multiples of Rs.10,000 for category 1 to 4 and for category 5, you have the option to bid in multiples of Rs.1,000.
  • After the bidding process, successful bidders will be informed through SMS and email.
  • You’ll have to pay the balance amount online within 5 days from the date of declaration.
  • You’ll get the allotment letter after you pay the deposit amount online. The letter has a validity of only 90 days for registration of the vehicle.

Remember that it takes 5 days for the bidding process to be completed after the completion of the registration process. The successful bidders will be informed after the bidding process which is supposed to start on the 4th day and will continue until the 5th day.

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