Does Instagram send a notification when you screenshot a reel? Find Out Here

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There are times when you see a good dress or decoration idea and want to use it in the future or a food recipe that you wish to try on a special occasion. In such scenarios, taking screenshots is the way to go. The screenshot allows you to save anything you want to access anytime in the future. It is a solid way to save for later use. However, on the social media platform Instagram, taking a screenshot is sometimes a matter of privacy breach. This is because the original uploader might want to remove the content later but those who have taken screenshots will still be able to access the info later.

To avoid such a situation, the meta-owned platform has implemented various measures. Sometimes, it notifies a person when someone takes a screenshot of his/her reel/post/story, etc. The question is whether Instagram always sends notifications to the uploader when someone takes a screenshot of his/her public posts or not.

The answer is NO. Instagram does not notify the uploader when someone takes a screenshot of his/her posts/stories/reels or anything else. So if the creator is unsure about keeping the content on the platform in the future, then he/she should either not post it/archive it or turn the account private so that only limited people view your content.

There is a unique instance when Instagram does notify a person if his/her post is taken a screenshot of. Read on to find out when.

When does Instagram notify on a screenshot being taken?

When you use the camera button in the direct messaging box to click a photo and share it within chat, Instagram will show you a notification if someone takes a screenshot of that photo. The reason behind it is those images are ‘fleeting’ and thus meant to be seen once or twice. This is called the vanish mode on Instagram wherein your disappearing messages will disappear once both users have left the chat. The app sends a notification to alert you so that you know who has saved your content for future access.

To send a fleeting image, go to your chat with any Instagram contact and press the blue camera button at the left side of the message field at the bottom. Click your photo and then select ‘Allow replay’ or ‘View Once’. Now when the contact(s) takes a screenshot of it, there will be a notification on your device. There is also a spiral-like icon next to the images that have been screenshotted. The icon looks like a spiral or loading circle and it remains even after your fleeting post expires.

In case you are attaching images from the gallery, there will be no notification if a screenshot is taken.

Ways to Screenshot without sending a notification

  • Use Instagram on the web browser to take the screenshot. There will be no notification.
  • Open the fleeting post and turn the airplane mode of your device ‘ON’. Take a screenshot then so Insta won’t be able to send a notification.
  • Use another device to click a picture of the fleeting image. This way there will be no hassles of an Instagram notification.

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