For phones that place SIM tray at the top or at the bottom, it’s likely for users to stab the microphone hole or the secondary microphone instead of the SIM tray hole using the ejector tool. A simple google search reveals that the phenomenon is actually pretty common.

If you are reading this, its highly likely that you too accidentally pricked either of the microphone holes. But in doing so did you just puncture through your water resistance grid? Or did you just screw up your microphone hardware?

Who better than Jerry, the seasoned decimator of phones, to answer that.

While dissecting P30 Pro in his recent video, Jerry did answer the burning question.

“The answer is No. Pretty much every phone is built the same way. Microphone hole fits the ejector tool purely by coincidence. But the white impermeable layer (on microphone hardware) is to the side of the shaft and not directly in the end. No matter how deep you go, the tool won’t puncture any of the water resistance or poke the microphone hardware,” he said.

Phew! All is well, then.

In case, you haven’t watched the video already, Jerry also shows what Huawei’s periscope lens assembly for Zoom camera actually looks like on the inside. Pretty interesting stuff indeed!


  1. I bought this Oppo Reno 5 Pro this month. I set up the phone to use yesterday. I poked the microphone hole with the sim card tool instead of the sim card slot to put in the sim card. Hopefully this will not damage the microphone and water resistance ability. Furthermore, I hope that I did not push forward anything contained inside the hole.

  2. I accidentally inserted sim eject tool in microphone of Samsung galaxy S20+ on the top microphone. Will it damage the microphone or waterproofing barrier.

    Please help me it is just box opened.

  3. What happens if someone pushes really hard into the top microphone hole accidentally? Will it cause something? Some type of damage to anything?

  4. Same here.. tired and not thinking, I messed it on the top mic of my P30 Pro. So dumb.. But there is a little risk of damage anyways, if the ejector tool is not completely straight. Thanks for making me feel better..

  5. I just did because i am tired sleepy i insert the wrong hole because it look similar when i tired sleepy then see just 1 second and i worrying my s10.what about s 10?is still safe same with p 30?

  6. Is it possible to angle the ejector tool enough to damage the waterproofing, or do they make it so it is impossible? There seemed to be a small degree of wiggle room when I accidentally stuck my ejector tool into the Huawei p30 pro microphone hole.

  7. Good article – thanks. But what about the microphone at the top? Will it has the same “protective feature” like the one at the bottom if I accidentally inserted a pin into it?


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