Google Coral Android Q
Google Coral Android Q

Android 9.0 Pie has less than 0.1% distribution which means it is present on very few devices. And we have started getting leaks and rumors on Android Q already. Now a mysterious Google phone surfaces on Geekbench listing with it. Let’s divulge into the details on this new device and the operating system it’s supposedly going to run on.

Google coral Leaked Specs

Like many of the upcoming flagship phones, this device would also be powered by the Qualcomm’s latest and greatest Snapdragon 855 chipset. Precisely, this would be a 7nm octa-core SoC which has got a 3,296 single-core score and 9,235 multi-core score in the Geekbench test. The numbers highlight a 10% better performance than the Snapdragon 845 chipset on a Google device, say Pixel 3.

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From the leak, we know that it could be coupled with 6GB of RAM. And as we already shared, this would be coming with Android Q under the hood. Speaking of Android Q, we have some other leaks and details to share with you.

Android Q

The silicon valley giant has already started working on Android Q. This would be the next in the lineage of the Android family. Well, it isn’t christened yet with any sweet name. However, we have a few other info to share with you.

The much-awaited Dark mode would be reaching the Android platform with Q update. XDA-Developers spilled the scoop with the following screenshots that indicate the system-wide darkness could be activated automatically too.

The Mountain View company is likely to introduce enhanced privacy and permission settings, which could be a blessing in this dystopian day and age.

You would also love a smarter ‘Smart Lock’ functionality. With the arrival of Q, you could use Smart Lock to extend the unlock period of your device (but it won’t unlock your device once it’s locked). And secondly, your phone would automatically lock the phone when the trusted companion device is no longer trusted.

If you’re a fan of Samsung’s Dex and Huawei’s PC mode, Q could implement this feature natively in the software.

Google Coral plus Android Q, an Interesting Combo

The Android community would have a treat once the aforementioned features of Android Q and the specs of Coral device come together.

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One thing, if you’ve noticed, throughout the entire article, we haven’t mentioned the device as a Phone. It could be an upcoming Pixel smartphone and even a new Chromebook. The Coral codename has surfaced several times in the benchmark radar.

Anyways it’s better to be skeptical till any official confirmation lands. What’s your view on this? Drop in the comments.




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