Coolpad’s Cool VR 1x headset will be available for purchase in India starting from 24th June, 2016. The VR headset will exclusively retail on for 999 INR.

Like other low-cost VR headsets, Cool VR 1x will rely on your smartphone for the display and for the VR content. You can fit in a 4.7-inch to 5.7-inch handset with 720P HD + resolution – one that has a gyroscope, i.e.

Cool VR 1x headset

The sides are well covered, and thus light shouldn’t bleed-in to spoil your immersive theatre like of 360-degree video experience. How comfortable the fit is can only be determined after we have had hands-on experience with the new Coolpad VR headset.

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You can customize the lens focal length. However, the official press release doesn’t mention any button or control that can be used to pass capacitive touch input to your phone. This is important if you plan on enjoying Google provided VR content to its fullest.

Syed Tajuddin, CEO, Coolpad India said, “With visual reality being the new fun gadget for the Y generation and fast catching up with youth, we are eager to enter this space and offer the ‘Cool VR’ to our fans. This launch is in line with our strategy to bring Coolpad’s accessories to the Indian market and we will be soon unveiling other products in this growing segment such as Power Bank and Smart Watch by 2016. “
He further added, “According to a recent report, the global VR market is expected to touch an estimated $120 billion by 2020 and India, with its huge smartphone base, is set to become the largest VR market. The timing is perfect for the launch of wearable products in India and with our superior technology offering, we are confident in generating favorable response in this segment as well like we did in the smartphones segment. “


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