Following the Union Budget 2018, announced last Week, Apple has hiked the overall prices of most of its product in India. The effect came after Indian Government increased the customs duty on imported phones from 15 to 20 percent to encourage ‘Make in India’ program.

The recent changes apply to all Apple products that are manufactured outside of India. Having said that, iPhone SE, which is assembled domestically remains unaffected by the price change.

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iPhone Price Hike: Twice in Three Months

This is the second price change made by Apple after December 2017. The reason for the last hike was similar. The Government had increased the customs duty on phones from 10 to 15 percent in december.

As per the new revised rate, prices of all Apple’s iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 7, and iPhone 6 have shot up by an average of 3 percent. For an instant, the iPhone X 256GB model which earlier sold at Rs. 1,05,720, now retails at Rs. 1,08, 930. The changes will be applicable from Monday, February 5 onwards.

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Alongside this, Apple also raised the prices of its watches. The Apple Watch Series 3 GPS 32mm that was available for Rs 29, 900 now retails at Rs 32,380. Whereas the price of its 42mm version has increased from Rs 31,900 to Rs 34,410.

Apple iPhones Increased Prices

Model Old Prices New Increased Prices
iPhone 6 32GB Rs 30,780 Rs 31,900
iPhone 6s 32GB Rs 41,550 Rs 42,900
iPhone 6s 128GB Rs 50,660 Rs 52,100
iPhone 6S+ 32GB Rs 50,740 Rs 52,240
iPhone 7 32GB Rs 50,810 Rs 52,370
iPhone 7 128GB Rs 59,910 Rs 61,560
iPhone 7+ 32GB Rs 61,060 Rs 62,840
iPhone 7+ 128GB Rs 70,180 Rs 72,060
iPhone 8 64GB Rs 66,120 Rs 67,940
iPhone 8 256GB Rs 79,420 Rs 81,500
iPhone 8+ 64GB Rs 75,450 Rs 77,560
iPhone X 64GB Rs 92,430 Rs 95,390
iPhone X 256GB Rs 1,05,720 Rs 1,08,930

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  1. People should boycott Apple Products in India for their unreasonable pricing until they come to terms… India is a huge market and if indians boycott just for a quarter they will fall in line


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