BGMI Faces Uncertainty as Indian Government Targets Betting Apps and Addictive Games for Ban

India plans to ban three types of games, as announced by Union Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar, in response to a recent conversion racket involving online gaming. The specific types of games targeted were not explicitly mentioned in the press briefing.

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India is planning to outlaw three different types of games, according to Union Minister for Information Technology Rajeev Chandrasekhar. The announcement follows the revelation of a large conversion racket that was using online games as a platform to coerce children into converting, even though Minister Chandrasekhar did not mention it when addressing the press.

Shahnawaz Khan, who is the primary culprit, and Abdul Rehman, a maulvi at a mosque in Ghaziabad, are both involved in the scandal, which is also known as the “Gaming Conversion Racket,” which uses Fortnite, a popular RPG, and Discord. The two offenders would take advantage of minors in online gaming chat rooms and get them to join a certain faith.

The administration has already created a strategy for the impending restrictions, Chandrasekhar said to ANI in an interview. He listed three particular gaming genres that would be outlawed.

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The minister declared, “We have established a framework related to online gaming for the first time, in which we will not let 3 forms of games in the whole country.” The country will outlaw games that represent gambling, can be dangerous to the player, or have an addictive aspect.

However, he withheld the standards that will be used to classify games into each of the aforementioned categories. 

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Formation of SROs

According to the minister, self-regulatory organizations need to be set up within 90 days of the date the regulations are released to be in charge of approving games that adhere to them. The government will be in charge of deciding which games are allowed and which are not during this interim period while we are waiting for the initiation of SROs.

Threat to BGMI

BGMI just made its return in India, but recent remarks from the Union Minister have raised worries that the game may once again be outlawed. However, the game was approved after adhering to all rules, and it now places restrictions on users’ playing and online spending. A final decision will be made soon after a three-month testing period for the game. It is currently unknown if the game will ever again be blocked or if it will remain accessible.

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