When it comes to getting a rakhi gift for sister, almost all of us go into a tizzy as to what to get her. The situation gets even worse if you want to get her something ‘other than the usual stuff’ (for shorts, cash!).

Here we bring to you, a few plausible options from the technological world that you should definitely consider if you want to buy a perfect rakhi gift for sister/brother to earn kudos and a ”best brother award” (if there is one).

1) Safer Smart Pendant

Before you say it is not related to technology, let us tell you that it has a button on its back, using which, upon double pressing, the wearer will be able to send an SOS message to their guardian(s).

Also, it enables the owner to share their live location and can be set to navigate to the nearest police station or hospital. It works on a rechargeable battery, and Works on Bluetooth technology with a “Safer by Leaf” app that is compatible with both iOS and Android.  

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2) Reliance JioFi 4G Router

A perfect fit for your sister who prefers remaining connected to the virtual world everywhere she goes, the Jio Fi is a small, portable WiFi router that runs on battery.

You can connect as many as 31 separate devices at once with its pocket router. That’s not all, it also has a microSD card slot and 2600mAh battery (rechargeable) inside.

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3) Xiaomi Mi Powerbank 2

Xiaomi recently introduced second generation power banks in India. They come in two (10,000mAh and 20,000mAh) battery capacities, and would be ideal for your sister, should her smartphone require some replenishment when she’s outdoors.

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4) Portronics LiteHouse Magnetic LED Lamp

This device here serves as both an LED lamp, as well as a 4,400mAh power bank. It has a magnet attached to its base, enabling it to stick to any metallic surface, and you can also adjust intensity of the light with ease.

Other than that, you can connect it to any smartphone for charging purposes. Bonus point: it also has fast charging provisions.

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5) Honor Band 3 Activity Tracker

The new fitness wearable from Honor comes with a 0.9-inch PMOLED display, and gives the users the relevant data regarding their fitness activities, like heart rate monitoring, workout sessions, and even smartphone notifications.

Other than that, it has a 105mAh battery, and a 3-axis accelerometer for mapping the data of the users’ sleep schedule patterns, walking steps, calories, distance, and running. Pretty useful for a fitness freak, this one.

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6) Boat Stone 1000 Bluetooth Speaker

If you have a sister who is an audiophile, you might as well have a look at this device. It comes with IPx5 water resistance, 14 watt stereo speakers, and a 3,000mAh battery.

On top of that, it has been fashioned from silicon with a rubber matte finish on top, and comes in weighing around 1.5kg, thereby making it super portable to use.

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7) Xiaomi Mi Play VR Headset

VR is the in thing these days, and in the Mi Play VR Headset, you have a more than potent device which you can get without straining your pockets.

The device is made up of lightweight lycra, and fits phones having a screen size between 4.7 and 5.7-inches. Furthermore, it is easily compatible with apps supporting Google’s Cardboard, has anti-reflective lenses, and weighs just 208 grams.

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8) OnePlus Bullet V2 Earphones

Another option you can choose for your audio-loving sister, these have an immersive sound experience, and come fitted with an ARYPHAN polyarylate diaphragm from LOFO to put across a wholesome listening experience to the user. 

The pair also sports the company’s flat-ended wire design for enhanced durability, and comes along with anti-allergy silicone ear tips in various sizes. 

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9) Google Chromecast 2

The next ideal Raki gift that you can buy online is the streaming dongle – Chromecast 2. It can be plugged into your Television, wherein you can play the videos, content etc. straight from your smartphone.

It enables your phone to work as a remote, and is compatible with devices other than TVs as well, and supports a whole range of apps that include Netflix, Eros Now, Saavn, and Google’s very own Playstore.

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10) Amazon Kindle E-reader 

The newest edition of the device used for reading E-books has features like an improved design (thinner and lighter) and battery life and reads as if you are reading a paperback.

Moreover, it contains a library of thousands of books. If are an Amazon Prime account holder, you can buy this Rakhi gift online and get additional 300INR off.

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Bonus: Amazon Gift Card

However, if you are still unsure as to what to gift your sister, you can also let her choose the gift, by giving her the Amazon Gift Card.

Also, if you send a Gift Card, you will earn 10% of the amount (maximum limit 100INR) as cashback.

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