SHAREit used to be to file transfer what WhatsApp is to instant messaging. However, with subsequent app updates and Google tightening security reigns with every new Android version, the experience isn’t anywhere as seamless as it used to be.

Besides, the app now incessantly pushes ads, even the intrusive ones in the notification shade, that can be really annoying. So, it makes sense if you are looking for clean SHAREit alternatives on Android. Here are a few options that you may consider.

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Best SHAREit Alternatives:

1. Files Go

Google’s own Files Go is a wonderful file manager that has been designed to remove clutter on your Android Phone. The app can automatically pickup hidden and discarded waste like unused APK files, duplicate files, Good morning messages, etc. and then allows you to delete all of them at once.

Files Go also has an Airdrop like File Transfer tool too. It’s the same drill. Both devices should have Files go installed. One will be the sender and other the receiver. After both devices have approved the connection, you can send/share apps, images, videos, and documents. The app is simple, secure, and clutter free.

You can access the history of files received and sent and can tap and install APK files directly from the app.

Download Files Go

2. Mi Drop

Xiaomi’s own file transfer app is now on Play store. This is another file sharing app that aims to make file transfer seamless. On the home screen, there are only two options send and receive. You can also use the app to directly access apps on your PC using FTP server link.

To access your file transfer log, you can tap on the arrow on the top left corner. If you are looking for a simple phone to phone transfer app Mi drop is one of the better options available. Also, all Xiaomi phones (running MIUI) have the app pre-installed.

Download Mi Drop

3. Send Anywhere

As the name suggests, you could send any file type anywhere. You just need a one-time 6-digit key for an easy file transfer. No need for Wifi or internet connection. You could also share files to multi-people at once via a link.

Send Anywhere file transfer share app, shareit alternative

And fret not about the privacy of your data as they are protected by 256-bit file encryption protocol. The app contains ads and you could get rid of them by buying the Plus variant. The premium variant also increases the size, stability, and speed of file transfer.

Download Send Anywhere

4. Zapya

Zapya is also a strong contender which checks all the boxes when it comes to being a SHAREit alternative. It features a universal search bar that will sweep all types of files such as apps, audio, video documents, etc. Moreover, it flaunts a cleaner user interface.

Zapya File Transfer Shareit alternative

Rest else everything is similar to SHAREit in terms of features like dedicated trending video panel. If ads and permissions freak you out, you could try out other apps.

Download Zapya 

5. Feem V4

Feem is a light app that can be used to transfer files among people on the same network across platforms. If both phones are not on the same WiFi network, the receiver can create a hotspot using the app and the sender can manually connect to it for sending files.

This is a cross-platform app and you can use it to transfer files to your Windows PC, iOS, Mac and even Linux. And the sender and receiver and can chat and communicate while the transfer takes place.

Download Feem V4

6. Easy Join

Easy Join is another cross-platform file transfer tool that works for Android, Windows, MacOS, Linux and with all popular web browsers (via plugins). You get the list of all apps on the same network using Easy Join and can share files with them. File transfers are end-to-end encrypted.

Apart from Shareit, this is the only file transfer app that can transfer folders as folders. You can also club the received data into convenient folders from within the app itself.

Download Easy Join

7. Treble Shot

Treble shot is an open source file transfer app that works only within the Android ecosystem. You can transfer data to other devices using Treble Shot on the same network or make a hot spot to receive files. You can also resume your downloads if any error occurs.

Treble Shot has been around for a while and has improved a great deal by now. The app has a simple interface that works and it’s ad-free.

Download Treble shot

8. Xender

Xender is one of the most comprehensive SHAREit alternatives available. The app, however, excesses on ads. This cross-platform file transfer app has an intuitive interface and is quite fast.

You can use Xender to transfer files from your Android phone to iOS or from your Android phone to PC or Mac.

Download Xender

9. ES File Explorer

If its media files or documents you wish to move, most file explorer apps also support direct file transfer. ES explorer is one good example. Just browse to the file you wish to transfer, select it and share. Now from the direct share menu select the “Send by LAN” Es Explorer.

The app uses WiFi-Direct for file transfer and the other person needs to have ES explorer and both sender and receiver should be on the same WiFi network. The app automatically detects the receiver and after due approval file transfer starts. You can also choose other sending options like Bluetooth, WLAN, etc. for file transfer.

Download ES File Explorer

10. JioSwitch

JioSwitch File Transfer ShareIt alternative

JioSwitch is another alternative to SHAREit and has good reviews in the play store. The app has no ads. It supports file transfer between iOS and Android. There is no limit on file size and file types.

Download JioSwitch

10 Best SHAREit Alternative Apps For File Sharing And Transfer On Phones and PCs

These are some of the best SHAREit alternatives you can try for sharing files from your Android. Of course, SHAREit is still the best at phone-to-phone transfers and one of the rare few options that can be used to transfer entire folders. It is also the app that you will find by default on most other phones, but if you often share files with friends, it would be useful if you can keep one or two other options on your phone as well.


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    Feem also supports folder to folder transfers.
    This is available when you get a PRO license.
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