Nokia 7 Plus is “a complete mid-range phone” that can steal your heart with its fantastic design. HMD Global has packaged the hardware within a machined 6000-series Aluminum block, topped with a ceramic paint finish that makes it more appealing. Further, the Nokia 7 Plus is available in two attractive colors hues: White/Copper and Black/Copper.

However, we are afraid to tell you this that the ceramic paint on the Nokia 7 Plus can wear off with day-to-day use, and its body may get damage from accidental drops. So to keep your phone intact and brand new, we advise you to use a good-quality case with it.

Here are some of the best cases and back covers for your Nokia 7 Plus:

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1. Nokia 7 Plus Transparent Case – Rs. 499

To begin with, we have a tough solid hybrid case for your Nokia 7 Plus. The case will keep your phone intact and protect it from damages, dust, and scratches caused by inadvertent falls. Another advantage of the case is that it is transparent, which lets you admire the beautiful curves of the phone.

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2. Nokia 7 Plus ShockProof Back Case – Rs. 399

Next up, we have a shockproof case for Nokia 7 Plus. The back cover evenly stretches to all the four corners of the phone and keeps it safe and secure. Plus, it has a leather finish smooth silk brushed texture on the back to give you a solid grip on the phone.

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3. Nokia 7 Plus Soft Silicone Zebra Back Cover – Rs. 349

This is a serene protective case cover for the Nokia 7 Plus. The case is made from a flexible TPU material and has a textured finish on the back that adds up to a better grip on the phone. The protection level of the case is also top-notch.

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4. Nokia 7 Plus Back Cover – Rs. 241

If you are looking for a sleek, stylish cover for your Nokia 7 Plus, then this is the one. The case protects the phone without making it look bulky. On top of this, the case is flexible, therefore you can easily remove or install it on your phone.

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5. Nokia 7 Plus Case Back Cover – Rs. 245

Barca fan? The case cover for the Nokia 7 Plus will appeal to all sports lover. The main advantage of this cover is that it minimizes the scratches that can be caused by the back covers of the phone. It perfectly sticks to the back of your phone and protects it from all misadventures.

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6. Nokia 7 Plus Printed Case Cover – Rs. 245

Moving on, here we have a printed case cover for your Nokia 7 Plus. The durable and stylish case cover will protect the phone from scratches and dust. On the rear side, the case has a Bat printed on it that adds to its overall appeal.

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7. Nokia 7 Plus Shockproof Hard Case – Rs. 399

Next up, we have a rugged transparent case cover for the Nokia 7 Plus. The cases are made from durable which is enough to provide protection against minor falls and drops. Plus, the phone’s original look won’t be hindered with the case.

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8. Nokia 7 Plus Mobifuse Pu Leather Pouch – Rs. 349

The frequent mobile dropper will find peace with this case cover. The case cover is a pouch that adds a 360-degree protection to your phone and saves it from scratches, dust and damage from all corners.

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9. Nokia 7 Plus Acm Designer Rotating Case – Rs. 399

This is a unique flip case cover for your Nokia 7 Plus. The case attaches to your phone with an adhesive, instead of a rubber case. For protection, it has a flip on top, which means not only the phone’s rear be safe your display will also be guarded all the time. Plus, the case can also be used as a phone stand.

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10. Nokia 7 Plus New Like Candy Silicon – Rs. 499

Lastly, we have a soft silicone elegant black case cover for Nokia 7 Plus. It sleek back and slim profile that won’t make the phone look bulky. Other properties of the case include flexibility, shockproof, and matte finish excellent grip.

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Nokia 7 Plus Tempered Glass

The Nokia 7 Plus has one of the finest displays, but it’ll only look good as long there are no scratches on the screen. Since the glass is prone to damage, it is wise to be cautious and protect it with a screen protector. Below is the list of tempered glasses that will keep your Nokia 7 Plus display safe and guarded.

Tempered Glass from Newlike – Buy it from here

Tempered Glass from Clorox – Buy it from here

Tempered Glass from Azzil – Buy it from here

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