Best Gmail AI Extensions: These Top 5 AI Extensions for Gmail Will Improve Your Work Efficiency

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In today’s interconnected work environment, the significance of email communication has grown significantly, as many of our essential tasks and processes rely on it. However, for individuals who, like the majority of users, find themselves grappling with effective inbox management, the challenge can often be more complex than anticipated.

In pursuit of this goal, Gmail extensions offer a pathway to achieving a remarkably streamlined and structured inbox. Moreover, harnessing the augmented capabilities of AI can significantly elevate your productivity by providing an array of additional features right at your disposal. In the following sections, we will delve into some leading AI tools that can truly amplify and enrich your Gmail experience.

These Top 5 Must-Have AI Extensions for Gmail Will Improve Your Work Efficiency


Navigating the intricacies of drafting and responding to emails can often feel like a daunting task, particularly when faced with a deluge of messages. Thankfully, there’s a solution in the form of Remail—an AI-powered extension designed to expedite the process of composing email replies, ultimately freeing up a substantial amount of your time.

Remail introduces a unique approach: it empowers you to select either positive or negative responses for any given email. The AI then meticulously analyzes the contents of the message and generates a fitting reply aligned with your choice. This tool is especially invaluable for swiftly addressing a high volume of emails, particularly during time-crunch situations. Its offerings include a complimentary limited plan, as well as three subscription tiers that progressively unlock a broader array of features.

For those looking to dip their toes in, the Starter plan boasts a modest price tag of $5, granting access to 100 email responses per month alongside fundamental functionalities.

Stepping up a notch, the Pro and Pro+ plans come in at $19 and $49 respectively. These tiers extend the monthly quota to a range between 500 and unlimited email responses. In addition, they introduce advanced capabilities such as tone customization, automatic drafting, and seamless integration with your calendar—a comprehensive suite of tools to supercharge your email management experience.


Similar to Remail, Ellie stands as another AI-powered extension aimed at simplifying the process of crafting email responses. Upon installation, Ellie’s functionality unfolds: you have the ability to highlight specific text within your received emails, triggering the generation of a tailored reply. An intriguing facet of Ellie lies in its tone customization feature, allowing you to calibrate your response anywhere from a formal and respectful tone to a casual or even slightly exasperated one.

Moreover, Ellie’s capabilities extend to incorporating supplementary information to provide context, thus elevating the precision of your generated replies. The innovation doesn’t stop there—by integrating files and websites, Ellie learns and adapts from these inputs, further enhancing its capacity to offer contextually appropriate responses.

Ellie’s offerings include a complimentary plan, which permits the generation of two emails per day. Alternatively, for those seeking a more robust experience, premium subscription plans are available, delivering a higher quota of email replies as well as expanded language options to cater to diverse communication needs.


Mailbutler emerges as a robust AI extension that transcends mere email composition, encompassing a broader spectrum of functionalities. Beyond crafting messages, this versatile tool empowers you to seamlessly manage tasks, coordinate schedules, and monitor email interactions, all within a unified platform. Serving as an indispensable email assistant, Mailbutler provides invaluable insights into the reach of your emails, while simultaneously placing inbox control firmly in your hands.

Among its array of capabilities, Mailbutler introduces a unique feature allowing you to gauge the impact of your emails. By providing real-time statistics on the number of times an email has been opened within a specified timeframe, you gain a comprehensive perspective on its effectiveness. Additionally, the extension furnishes you with email scheduling tools, granting a heightened level of command over your workflow.

Mailbutler offers a Tracking plan priced at $4.95 per month, furnishing essential email tracking attributes such as real-time notifications and mobile tracking. Meanwhile, the Professional plan, available at a monthly rate of $8.95, extends the suite of offerings to encompass advanced email scheduling functionalities and collaborative features, thereby catering to more intricate communication needs.

Compose AI

Enter Compose AI—a Gmail extension poised to revolutionize your email experience by shouldering the task of drafting and refining emails, and even furnishing responses on demand. This intuitive assistant operates on the principle of using prompts to guide the AI’s actions, be it constructing emails from scratch or refining the content of your existing drafts.

At its core, Compose AI boasts an auto-completion function, a valuable asset that streamlines the email composition process. This feature proficiently predicts and suggests text, effectively simplifying the process of composing emails. Moreover, the Rephrase feature within the extension proves invaluable by offering the capability to diversify the length, tone, or choice of words within a selected piece of text.

Delving into its subscription plans, Compose AI caters to a variety of user needs. The basic plan, available at no cost, grants access to 1000 words per month, 10 re-words, and 20 autocomplete suggestions. Alternatively, the premium plan escalates the offering with a generous allotment of 15,000 words monthly, coupled with unlimited re-words and suggestions. For those seeking the epitome of accessibility, the ultimate plan unveils an all-encompassing experience—unlimited access to all of Compose AI’s features, supplemented by dedicated customer support.

ChatGPT Writer

While the capabilities of ChatGPT are widely recognized, this extension elevates its utility by seamlessly integrating it into your email ecosystem. By harnessing its potent interface, you can adeptly streamline your email communication management.

Accessing the potential of ChatGPT Writer is made convenient through your OpenAI account, which provides a complimentary plan. For those seeking enhanced functionality, a subscription unlocks pro features, encompassing swifter results, dedicated customer support, and an exclusive server catering to your search outcomes.

In essence, ChatGPT Writer stands as an intelligent AI tool poised to benefit any email user. Its remarkable text generation prowess, coupled with seamless integration with Gmail, collectively contribute to a powerful resource that can significantly enhance your email experience.

Best Gmail AI Extensions

In conclusion, incorporating these top 5 must-have AI extensions into your Gmail experience is a surefire way to elevate your efficiency and productivity. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, you can streamline your email management, enhance communication, and make informed decisions. From intelligent categorization to personalized scheduling and beyond, these extensions offer a dynamic range of features that cater to your unique needs. Embrace the future of email management and unlock a new level of effectiveness in your daily workflow with these indispensable AI tools for Gmail.

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