Apple Watch Saved Another Life After It Called 911 Automatically

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Another day, yet another successful 911 assistance by Apple Watch. As per the incredible story posted by a Reddit user, his mom’s Apple Watch actually helped save her life after the Watch automatically dialed 911 after detecting no movement as the lady collapsed due to a serious heart condition – ruptured aorta.

The Redditor recalled the incident that happened a few days ago when his mom was at a hotel on a business trip. After feeling pain in her chest, the lady called in her friend, who also lives in the same hotel. However, as soon as the friend arrived, she saw the lady collapsed on the floor and called 911 for help.

The lady collapsed on the floor due to a ruptured aorta in the heart needing immediate medical assistance. It took a few days of treatment for the lady to survive this horrific incident when the reality of who called 911 first was highlighted.

When inquired if the lady called 911 on her own before collapsing, it was reportedly the Apple Watch that looped in emergency services as it detected no movement from the lady who was wearing the watch at the time. The automatic fall detection technology embedded in Apple Watch helped save the lady as the incident was a miracle in terms of speedy transport and immediate treatment given the grimness of the situation.

Apple Watch is equipped with fall detection and has been a key device in diagnosing signs of atrial fibrillation. In the past, it has been reported to have detected blood clots in the lungs while a woman in Michigan survived after the watch detected a high heart rate before she had a heart attack.

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