Apple Releasing iOS 17.4 in March With These New Features and Changes

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Apple is all set to roll out public iOS 17.4 in March. The first beta is already out and the upcoming updates will bring a tonne of new features that we will be discussing below.

App Store Changes

Following the Digital Markets Act (DMA) in the EU, Apple is rolling out support for alternative app stores on iPhone. What this means is, that once you get your hands on iOS 17.4, you should be able to sideload apps from app stores and marketplaces other than the official App Store. The feature, however, is limited to 27 countries belonging to the European Union (EU). 

Do note that the App Tracking Transparency (ATT) will be enabled no matter the source of the app you have downloaded. ATT is a feature that prevents these apps from tracking user data and relaying it to the app developer It can be used for ‘n’ several reasons. 

Additionally, iPhone users will be able to set their default web browser other than Safari. Yes, you can set Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or other browsers as your default. Apple is also introducing alternative payment options that you can use on the App Store, however, this feature is exclusively for people in the EU. This would enable people to use their iPhone’s NFC chip to accommodate contactless payments.

Apple Podcasts Transcripts

Tell me how it feels when you are listening to a podcast and suddenly, there’s a portion or a few words that you didn’t quite get and you have to back up a bit to understand. Well, the iOS 17.4 beta (and the public update to come) brings transcripts for podcasts that will be available on the Podcasts app. What the feature does is, it transcripts the podcast as you listen and shows it on the screen for you to read if you like. It is much like the lyrics for songs but for podcasts that can stretch from a few minutes to a few hours. Apple is rolling out transcripts in Spanish, German, French, and English although more episodes and languages will be added in the future.

New Emojis

Pickup for new emojis is here. Apple has added 100+ new emojis with the iOS 17.4 beta that will be a part of an upcoming public update as well. It includes but is not limited to a broken chain, a vertically shaking head, and a horizontally shaking one. There’s a phoenix in the offering as well. Some of these emojis were announced last year on Android phones, however, it’s now iPhones that are getting their share of updates. 

Fortified Stolen Device Protection 

iOS 17.3 arrived with Stolen Device Protection, a noble feature from Apple that adds a one-hour security delay when someone tries to access certain settings such as password change. Users can set the security delay to kickstart on its own or when the phone is not in the familiar location prompting the delay to kick in. iOS 17.4 beta 1 added a few more updates preventing potential theft of the phone as well as the data stored within.

Siri Can Read Messages in Other Languages

With iOS 17.4, Apple has renamed “Automatically SendMessages” as “Messaging with iOS”. With that being said, Siri can now read your messages not just in English or your primary language but in foreign languages as well. You can tap on “Add Language” to add your language of interest and Siri will automatically read it out in the selected language.

CarPlay Additions


iOS 17.4 beta brings 8 new apps for CarPlay. For instance, the ‘Auto Settings’ lets you access paired iPhone and vehicle settings. Their ‘Trips’ function gives you driving-related data including energy efficiency, fuel efficiency, total time elapsed, etc. The ‘Closures’ feature tells you if there are any doors open and has vehicle warning symbols as well.

The ‘Climate’ app gives you information on heated seeds, and climate control of the car including A/C and heating system, heated steering wheels, and other temperature-related functions in one. The ‘Charge’ app tells you the current battery level, time remaining under fully charged, and charging status among others. 

‘Media’ app lets you access all the FM/AM, and related features using your CarPlay. The ‘Tire Pressure app tells you the current tire pressure on each wheel along with a flat tire warning, etc. Finally, the ‘Car Camera’ lets you access rear-view and other camera feeds all on your CarPlay.

How To Install iOS 17.4 Public Beta?

You can get your hands on iOS 17.4 public beta by upgrading using the process mentioned below.

  • First up, go to the Apple Beta page and Sign Up using your Apple ID.
  • Next, go to “Beta Software Program”.
  • Click on “Enrol your iOS Device”.
  • Next up, go to Settings >> General >> Software Update.
  • You must see an incoming iOS 17.4 public beta in the “Beta Updates” section that you need to download and install.
  • It would take a few minutes meanwhile, ensure your iPhone is adequately charged up (we recommend 75% and above) and the internet connection is stable.

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