Apple is always working towards bringing the entire hardware and software stack of its products under it. And the latest step in this direction is the rumor that it would soon have its own 5G modems for future iPhones and iPads. This would be made allegedly in partnership with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC).

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Latest reports claim that Apple is planning to use TSMC’s 4nm process nod, which has not been used for any commercial project till now. It is being designed and tested at 5nm before being moved to a 4nm process in 2023. Thence it would be scaled further.

This was recently prophesied by Qualcomm (which currently provides modem components for the entire iPhone 13 lineup). The chipmaker claimed that it expects to account for just 20% of the iPhone modem orders in 2 years.

Apple with TSMC

Apple took over Intel’s 5G modem division in 2019, which indicated their intention. Earlier that year, Qualcomm and Apple agreed to end a costly modem technology patent dispute, with the former receiving more than 4 billion dollars (Rs. 29,750 crores) as a part of the settlement.

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TSMC is the manufacturer of all iPhone A-Series processors and M1 systems-on-chip for Mac computers. 2022 iPhone SoCs are expected to use TSMC’s 4nm process while some iPad models are said to be working with 3nm processors in 2023.

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