A few people in the know-how of the things going on at the third largest IT company of the world, Foxconn, have leaked data pertinent to three of Apple’s upcoming projects, one of which is the next member of the famed iPhone community – the iPhone 8 or iPhone X.

The details came to light after Foxconn Insiders held an Ask Me Anything (AMA) discussion on Reddit, the aftermath of which exposed almost 12-13 months of plans of the global giant.

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The Reddit thread has since gone viral, inciting over a thousand comments. It is worth mentioning here that the Foxconn Insiders group is known to have its sources inside one of Apple’s key manufacturers, Hon Hai.

The group also remarked that it passes on such information to the KGI Securities as well as other organizations and further said, “Apple worldwide loyalty team did have central security investigate some divisions after our last post”, indicating that the action has indeed taken place without the knowledge of the Cupertino-based company.

Apple iPhone 8 Leaks

The phone has been referred to as the ‘iPhone X’ in the thread, according to which it is set to arrive with facial recognition, wireless charging facility and a glass design with very little bezels. The Insiders also had a peek at the fingerprint scanner of the phone, supposedly under the display, which, they say, did not work quite well.

It added that the iPhone 8 will come in sporting a 3G RAM and that the Apple would be sticking to the lightning connector as a means for charging the phone. They were quick to add that fast charging will indeed be a feature that the next iPhone would come out with.

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The group also said that the production of the iPhone X has been delayed and it is because of the discrepancies with the Touch ID under the display, but yes, Apple is surely persisting with it.

Apple AR Glasses Leak

According to the second leak by the Foxconn Insiders group, Apple is working on the production of its own AR Glasses under the codename MirrorShades, another project which has been delayed.

It said that the project is quite unique and has the potential to be a game changer, capable of bringing in the effect that the original iPhone brought about ten years earlier.

The glasses will put into use the bone conduction tech for audio and would come with features like noise canceling microphones, light sensor, accelerometer, magnetometer, along with the company’s indigenous chipset.

Furthermore, the would come in two sizes – for men and women – and have an aluminum frame. They will have a resolution of 428×240 pixels.

But from what we have heard, the project is still far from turning into reality. Let’s see what transpires.

Apple MacBook, iMac Leak

The Foxconn Insiders have also told a great deal regarding the much famed Apple laptops, claiming that the company would introduce a new version of the MacBook (with smart key technology) come 2018.

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The group said that the MacBook is now discontinued, and the company is now looking into an updated design for its machine, based on glass and a body a shade darker in black.

Lastly, the group said that the company is testing a new 32GB RAM variant of the MacBook Pro (15-inch), also remarking that the MagSafe Charger (that Apple discounted) could possibly make a comeback.


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