After announcing tiny little AirPods, Apple is working on high-end over the ear headphones. It is expected that they will come with features like noise-canceling, smart Wireless pairing functionality and more.

The California-based technology giant is expected to roll-out the headphone as early as the end of this year unless it is delayed by one or the other reason. According to the sources, the Apple’s headphone project has been on-and-off over the past year and is facing a similar issue that it faced with its HomePod.

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During the development of the HomePod, it has to go through many changes, including multiple redesigns, thereby postponing the actual launch of home speakers by more than three years. However, all this hurt Apple as the Amazon Alexa and Google Home captured a major share of the market.

Apple would be hoping to not repeat the same mistake this time, but reports claim that there is a possibility of a complete redesign of headphones before launch or Apple could even scrap the project altogether.

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The new headphones are expected to function in the similar fashion as the AirPods and will have features like noise cancellation and wireless pairing. The headphone will directly be up against the premium offerings from brands likes of Bose, Sony, Sennheiser, and  Skullcandy, that are also currently the leading players in the headphone market.

It is to be noted that Apple, for the first time, generated a total of $5 Billion fiscal revenue in the first quarter through the AirPods, Beats headphones, the Apple Watch, Apple TV, and iPad accessories, and it would love to build on that success. Meanwhile, there are rumors that Apple is prepping to launch a new generation AirPods with water resistance and ‘Hey Siri’ voice integration as well.

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