After announcing iPhone X, Apple is reportedly working on another ‘future of smartphone’, most probably a foldable iPhone. A report has flown in from South Korea, which claims that LG has created a task force under their display division, to develop a foldable OLED screen for a forthcoming iPhone model.

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Foldable Display iPhone by 2020

The same source, who broke foldable display news, further revealed that the panel production could start from 2020, presuming that Apple could delay/postpone the launch of the iPhone model that year.

It is being said that the consumer electronics firm, LG, has prepared the prototype of foldable OLED display and is now working to improve its durability.

The contract with LG to manufacture the foldable displays for iPhones’ could be seen as a way to break down the monopoly of Samsung over the mobile OLED displays. Currently, Samsung is exclusively supplying OLED display for the latest iPhone X, the first OLED iPhone. For next year’s new iPhone, the Korean tech giant is also expected to be the sole supplier.

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‘Galaxy X’ Samsung Foldable Display Smartphone

The foldable display iPhone could only become reality in 2020 – but the world could witness the first foldable smartphone as early as next year. Samsung has revealed that its rumored ‘Galaxy X’ with the foldable display will be launched in 2018.

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