Apple AirTags 2 To Enter Mass Production in Q4 2024, says Kuo

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Apple is gearing up to launch a few path-breaking products later this year. According to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is working on AirTag 2 scheduled to undergo mass production in Q4 2024. It will be a successor to the 2021 Apple AirTag and will be closely integrated with Apple’s Vision Pro.

If Kuo’s predictions are accurate, we could see Apple AirTag 2 sometime in 2025. These will be next-generation AirTags that will enable users to find locations of their items such as wallets, keys, etc, that are susceptible to getting lost or even theft.

Kuo took it to Twitter (now X) to put forward her predictions of the AirTags. She further added that the upcoming AirTags 2 will be integrated with Apple Vision Pro as a core along with other devices that have been on its catalog since the original tag came into the market in April 2021. Debuted at $29, these small tracking devices became an instant hit as they were able to pair up with Apple Find My app to find lost iPhones, keys, wallets, and whatnot.

Kuo earlier mentioned that although the original AirTags didn’t receive much attention initially, there was a shipment estimate of 20mn in 2021 and 35mn units in 2022. In that case, Apple could work on AirTags 2 which as of late 2023, stands true since we are already hearing about it.

Apple iPhone 15 Series will make their debut in a couple of weeks along with Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2. The first-gen AirTags made it to the market with a U1 chip for ultra-wide-band connectivity and as this will be a second-gen tracker, we could expect an U2 chip coming along too.

The Cupertino-giant faced quite a rift from customers citing unwanted tracking. Later, Apple upgraded its tech to avoid such instances meaning the U2 chip will up the game as well. Apple iPhone 15 Series is expected to come with upgraded ultra-wide band chips and that should correspond to better connectivity and precision finding on the AirTags 2.

In any case, Apple AirTags 2 is a tentative name and the tech giant could come up with a different name such as AirTags (2nd Gen) or something like that. For now, all we can do is wait till more information isn’t available in the coming months.

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