Android 14 Beta 3 Goes Official Reaching Platform Stability Stage

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Android 14 has entered the last leg of its development with Android 14 Beta 3 released earlier today bringing it to the Platform Stability stage. It means app developers can now develop their apps to integrate all the features Android 14 brings onboard as the app-facing behaviors and APIs have been finalized.

Dubbed a major update, Android 14 Beta 3 brings lock screen customization in-line with what Galaxy and iPhones have been doing recently. Once you download the latest beta, you should be able to spot a setting called ‘Wallpaper & Style’ that carries a carousel of clock themes for the lock screen. Designed to mend with Material You, the settings let you customize everything from clock size to color and more.

Android 14 Beta 3 Goes Official Reaching Platform Stability

A new Shortcuts menu can be added just beneath the clock customization option. It allows you to toggle Flashlight, QR Code, DND, Video Calls, Camera, Device Controls, Mute, None, and Wallet among others that you can hover to the bottom-left or right on the lock screen. All the changes are real-time so whatever you change, you can simply check out by hitting the power button twice. 

Android 14 Beta 3 now supports font scaling by up to 200% as a default feature. There’s an option to grant partial access to the media library in case an app requests the same.

The latest entrant Google Pixel 7a has climbed the ladder to Android 13 Beta 3 as its first update. If you own a Pixel, you can be part of beta updates thanks to the Android Beta Program that you can enroll here.

Talking about the timeline, there’s a Beta 4 slated to arrive next month aka July. We will see the final release sometime in August although we aren’t aware of the exact dates but we will get there soon. 

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