Just days after the Amazon Echo Show launch in India, the e-commerce giant has further expanded its smart devices family in the country with the addition of Amazon EchoLink and Amazon Echo Link Amp.  These newly launched products fall under Echo companion devices and can be attached to your existing stereo systems. Both the Echo Link and Link Amp support multi-speaker setup to stream and amplify hi-fi music to your speakers. 

Amazon Echo Link and Echo Link Amp features

Both these companion devices were first launched in the US in September last year. Out of the two, Echo Link is a comparatively compact smart device which can be connected to a receiver, a powered speaker setup or an amplifier. There are optical and coaxial outputs ports placed at the rear side and there’s a volume control knob on the front.

Then there is adjustable crossover frequency for speakers as well as a 3.5mm headphone jack present at the front. It can be used to attach a CD player, turntable, MP3 player, or to any other audio products to the Echo Link.

The Echo Link Amp is another Alexa powered smart device launched along side. It shares its design with the standard Echo Link, however, it is wider in size and packs more features. The Echo Link Amp supports multiroom audio systems and has a built-in 60W two-channel amplifier with digital and analog inputs and outputs.

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Amazon Echo Link and Echo Link Amp price in India

The Amazon Echo Link India price is set at Rs 19,999 and will go on sale from April 16th onwards. The Echo Link Amp that features an in-built amp costs Rs 10,000 more than the regular version. The Echo Link Amp India price is Rs 29,999 and it will hit Amazon’s virtual retail shelves on May 3.


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