Had this article been written two or three years back, many would have thought it as a waste. The wearables back then were unattractive, had short battery life (most of them were non-chargeable), and failed to do their primary duty, which is to collect data accurately.

But a lot has changed since then. The fitness band now appeal to fashionistas, offers a long-lasting battery, and are quite good at whatever little they do. Moreover, they have even become a source of motivation for many. According to a study, fitness-seekers find exercise more rewarding when they can see numbers telling them how well they’re doing.

So, without any further delay, let’s begin our list of the best fitness band under Rs. 3000 that you can buy in India right now:

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1. Lenovo HX03 Cardio and HX03F Spectra

Lenovo is known for its powerful laptop, affordable tablets, and subsidiary Moto phone brand. The firm also recently forayed into wearable space in India, with the launch of Lenovo HX03 Cardio and HX03F Spectra. Both are fitness bands that can monitor your health and activity without paying too much.

The only difference between HX03 Cardio and HX03F Spectra is that the latter has colored TFT display and a higher sticker price. However, you can’t go wrong with either of the wearable.

Screen: 0.87-inch/0.96-inch | Heart rate tracker: Yes | Waterproof: IP68 | Activity tracking: Yes | GPS: Yes | Battery: 80mAh | Compatibility: Android/iOS


  • Comfortable fit
  • Re-chargeable battery without cable
  • Decent build quality
  • IP68 water resistant


  • Low display brightness

Buy HX03 Cardio from here/ Buy HX03F Spectra from here

2. Xiaomi Mi Band HRX Edition

Xiaomi is one of the most popular wearable brand in India. The Mi Band HRX edition is decent fitness tracker with specs that do justice to its price. The highlight of the band is its excellent battery back-up that can stretch for more than 20-days with a single charge.

Other features of the Mi Band HRX Edition include an OLED display that shows the time, and count the steps walked, distance covered, and calories burnt. However, on the downside, it doesn’t have a heart rate sensor.

Screen: Yes | Heart rate tracker: Yes | Waterproof: IP67 | Activity tracking: Yes | GPS: Yes | Battery life: up to 20 days | Compatibility: Android/iOS


  • Pocket-friendly price
  • Water Resistant (IP67)
  • Long-lasting battery


  • Cannot be charged without proprietary cable

Buy it from here

3. Myntra Blink Go

The Blink Go is Myntra’s first fitness band manufactured by Bangalore-based smart wearables startup, Witworks. It is a typical fitness band with all the staple features such as Pedometer and heart rate sensor, colored display, and Bluetooth 4.0 technology to pair it with Android 4.0+ and iOS 10+ devices.

The Myntra Blink Go even houses a 100mAh battery and runs on its custom software called ‘Myntra Wearable Platform’. The product has an MRP of Rs 4,169, but Myntra is currently selling it for Rs 1,679.

Screen: Yes | Heart rate tracker: Yes | Waterproof: IP67 | Activity tracking: Yes | GPS: Yes | Battery: 100mAh | Compatibility: Android/iOS


  • Colored display
  • Designer Straps
  • A built-in USB Type A for easy charging


  • Short battery life

Buy it from here

4. iVoomi FitMe

The iVoomi FitMe (Review) is another viable option for fitness band at an affordable price. The wearable accommodates all basic features you’d expect from an affordable fitness band and can track your activities quite accurately.

The FitMe features a 0.87-inch OLED display and a touch button to jump on different screens to see time, date, steps walked, calories burnt and distance covered. Just like any other fitness band, the iVoomi FitMe can also pass on phone’s notifications and alert you with ‘Sedentary reminders’.

Screen: 0.8-inch OLED | Heart rate tracker: Yes | Waterproof: IP67 | Activity tracking: Yes | GPS: Yes | Battery: 90mAh | Compatibility: Android/iOS


  • Accurate Reading
  • Air Quality and Pollution Tracker
  • Chargeable without a USB cable


  • Display Quality is below par

Buy it from here

5. Honor Band 3

The Honor Band 3 is a feature-rich fitness band, announced last year in India. It is still a value for money wearable, which comes loaded with specifications like heart rate monitoring, sleeps tracking, GPS-based run tracking, and even swim tracking.

Other than that, the band also has an excellent battery life of up to 20-25 days on moderate to heavy usage.

Screen: 0.8-inch OLED | Heart rate tracker: Yes | Waterproof: Yes | Activity tracking: Yes | GPS: Yes | Battery life: up to 25 days | Compatibility: Android/iOS


  • Great battery backup
  • Waterproof and dust resistant certified
  • Value for money
  • Heart rate sensor


  • Display isn’t bright enough
  • Comes with proprietary cable to charge

Buy it from here

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6. Ambrane Flexi Fit

The Ambrane Flexi Fit may not have high brand value but has all the features of a fitness band. It has a sleek design, a heart-rate sensor, pedometer sensor, the ability to track sleep, and much more. The wearable also has a built-in USB type-A port to charge the device conveniently.

The Flexi Fit has a rubber silicone strap that clasps on your wrist perfectly, and it is comfortable to wear for long hours.

Screen: Yes | Heart rate tracker: Yes | Waterproof: Yes | Activity tracking: Yes | GPS: No | Battery life: up to 7 days Compatibility: Android/iOS


  • Accurate step counter
  • Easy and Convenient way to charge
  • Heart rate sensor
  • Rubber silicone strap clasp is secure


  • Lift-to-wake gesture does not work all the time

Buy it from here

7. GOQii Fitness Tracker

GOQii is a full-fledged fitness technology venture based in California. The firm has its footprints in the Indian market as well and the Fitness Tracker is one of them. The fitness band comes loaded with features like activity tracker, sleep tracking, and a personalized lifestyle coach.

The band will survive from minor splashes, but you better not take it to a swimming pool. Moreover, it has a battery life of up to 10 days and can count steps taken, calories burnt, and distance covered pretty accurately.

Screen: Yes | Heart rate tracker: Yes | Waterproof: Yes | Activity tracking: Yes | GPS: No | Battery life: up to 10 days Compatibility: Android/iOS


  • Pedometer sensor and sleep tracking
  • Heart rate sensor
  • Easy charging


  • Display is not bright enough

Buy it from here

8. Fastrack Reflex

Fastrack, a renowned fashion accessories brand, also have its fitness band, Reflex Smart Band. The wearable features pedometer sensor, sleep tracker, and a battery that could last up to 4 days. It also boasts of an OLED display and Bluetooth v4.0 for easy connectivity with phones and tablets.

Screen: Yes | Heart rate tracker: No | Waterproof: Yes | Activity tracking: Yes | GPS: No | Battery life: up to 4 days Compatibility: Android/iOS


  • Good looking
  • Sleep Tracking
  • USB charging


  • No Heart Rate sensor
  • Mediocre battery

Buy it from here

Best Fitness Band Under Rs 3000 That You Can Buy in India

Product Name Price Available at
Lenovo HX03 Cardio and HX03F Spectra Rs 1,999/ Rs 2,999  Flipkart
Mi Band HRX Edition Rs 1,299 Amazon/ Tata CliQ
Myntra Blink Go Rs 1,679 Myntra
iVoomi FitMe Rs 1,999 Flipkart
Honor Band 3 Rs 1,399 Flipkart
Ambrane Flexi Fit Rs 1,652 Amazon
GOQii Fitness Tracker Rs 2,899 Amazon
Fastrack Reflex Rs 1,925 Amazon



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