Samsung recently announced a new affordable smartphone, Galaxy On7 Prime, in India. The 2018 On7 model improves upon its predecessor with 13MP sensor both on front and rear and few minor upgrades in the innards. The Amazon exclusive Galaxy On7 Prime retails in India at a starting price of Rs. 12,990.

If you have purchased the device or planning to purchase it, we are here to aid you further. It is good to know that Samsung has used a metal unibody design on Galaxy On7 Prime that brings down casualties but won’t shut them out completely. So, we would advise you to buy a good quality back cover and case as well.

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To help you with your search we have narrowed it down to best 7 Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime back covers, and cases. Have a look!

Note: Cases and back covers of Galaxy J7 Prime will fit on Galaxy On7 Prime as well. We tested and confirmed the same on our review unit. So you can also look for Galaxy J7 Prime cases.

Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime Transparent Case

The Samsung Galaxy On7 prime sells in two color variants: Gold and Black. If you are impressed with it and doesn’t want to hide the shade, this transparent case is for you. The crystal clear cover fits perfectly with your Galaxy On7 Prime to keep it safe and allows you to appreciate all the work Samsung put in.

The cover is made from silicone material which makes it flexible and easy to install or to remove from your phone.

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Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime Shockproof Case

Next up, we have a soft, shockproof and carbon fiber designed case cover for your Galaxy On7 Prime. The cover is premium yet light-weight, ultra-thin, and easy to install and remove. It protects all four corners of the phone perfectly, keeping it safe from scratches, bumps and inadvertent drops.

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Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime Bumper Back

If you need something to counterbalance your rugged handling then this case cover is for you. The case for Galaxy On7 Prime truly understands the value of your smartphone and prevent your phone from possible wear and tear. As seen in the image above, the case adds hard bumpers to all the four corners, keeping your phone’s corner safe and protected, always.

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Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime Flexible Cover

Moving on, here we have a flexible yet rigid case cover for Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime. The cover manages to stretch to all the four corners of the phone and keeping it safe from any misfortune that could damage the device. For more protection, it comes with a soft tactile finish at the back, this avoids slippage and gives you an excellent grip on the device.

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Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime Flip Cover

Are extra-cautious with your e-gadgets? If yes, then this is one option worth considering. This particular case cover gives not only protect your phone’s back but also keeps the display of the phone safe from scratches, dust, and damage. The extra-flip on top can also be used as a phone stand or to store your plastic and paper currency.

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Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime Back Cover

This is a hybrid case cover for your precious Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime. The rough and tough case not only protects your phone but, also gives it a macho look. It has a dual-layer coating that is exclusively designed to withstand any adversity and to keep the phone away from possible wear and tear.

Also, there is a built-in phone stand on the cover which is excellent for long hours of smartphone usage. The stand is detachable.

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Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime Hybrid Case Cover

Lastly, we have this rugged armored case cover that also looks appealing. The dual-layer hybrid case cover for your Galaxy On7 Prime is shockproof and enables your phone to resist minor falls. Just put it on and you won’t have to worry about scratches or dents.

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Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime Tempered Glasses

Protecting Galaxy On7 Prime screen is as important as protecting its body. The phone’s display is also as susceptible to damage as its entire body. It can attract scratches if not properly taken care of. Therefore, we recommend a few tempered glasses you could use with your Galaxy On7 Prime.

Tempered Glass by Heartly – Buy it from here

Tempered Glass by MGRJ – Buy it from here

Tempered Glass by Newslike – Buy it from here

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