5 Things You Can Do with Meta AI on WhatsApp

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Meta just released its AI assistant, Meta AI, in India, and we couldn’t wait to present five different things you can do with the new tool on WhatsApp. Before we begin, it is worth noting that users can interact with the AI chatbot in two different ways.

How To Chat With Meta AI On WhatsApp?

Meta AI on WhatsApp

First, Meta AI is available in one-to-one chats. To start a conversation with Meta AI, users should hit the new circular icon at the top right of the screen. To invoke the chatbot in group chats, one must tag Meta AI in the chat, followed by their query. For instance, one could type, “Hey @Meta AI, what is a good score to defend in the T20 World Cup?” In response to this text, the chatbot will come up with the relevant data.

WhatsApp says, “Only messages that mention @ Meta AI are sent to Meta. Meta can’t read any other messages in this chat.” It also mentions that some responses could be inaccurate or inappropriate, as is true with every other chatbot.

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Answering Questions On Various Topics Such as Science, History, And More

Meta AI group discussion

If you’re talking to someone about a complex topic, such as inflation, the fabrication technology on the latest iPhone, or something else, ask Meta AI. In the attached screenshot, I asked Meta AI about a good, defendable score in the T20 Word Cup for the batting team. The chatbot came up with an elaborate response to the question.

In addition to the data, Meta AI also provides an optional Google search hyperlink that redirects me to a search page about my query.

Generating Grammatically Correct Messages For Professional Or Personal Use

Meta AI generating text

In the one-to-one chat with Meta AI, you can ask the chatbot to write a message using the provided context. I see this feature being used by millions of corporate employees and students who communicate with their colleagues, fellow students, or teachers on the platform and can use some help with their messages.

One can use Meta AI to generate texts, draft emails, and casual messages or immediately gather information about something and forward it in the required chat. I tested the feature to write a leave application, giving some context about being unwell and saying I’ll catch up as soon as I feel better. Also, I asked the chatbot to tweak the message a bit (to add a friendly tone), but all it did was replace a couple of words.

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Use Meta AI For Translating Text From One Language To Another

Meta AI translating text

Currently, Meta AI can understand and translate text in over 100 languages, including English, Spanish, French, and Hindi. The chatbot also supports other Indian languages, including Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Bengali, Tamil, Telegu, Kannada, Malayalam, and Urdu. Technically, Meta AI should support one of the languages to another. However, we could not try all the combinations. Nonetheless, the chatbot did well in translating text from Marathi and Tamil to English.

Summarize Long Texts Into Bullet Points

Meta AI summarizing text

Going through long messages on WhatsApp is a task, especially since the phone’s screen can’t accommodate more than a few hundred words at once. However, with Meta AI, users can take those long messages and ask the chatbot to shorten them into bullet points. I asked Meta’s AI assistant to shorten a text piece from one of our fellow writers about the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6’s chance to claim the ‘best foldable’ title. Although the response was slightly lengthier than I expected, it did the job well.

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Meta AI Can Do Mathematical Calculation Or Unit Conversions

Meta AI converting units

As a last for this list, we’ve saved mathematical calculations and unit conversions. So you can use the chatbot to divide the bill between your friends, perform basic mathematic calculations, or even convert one unit, such as a kilometer, to another, like miles. Let us know what else you’re using Meta AI on WhatsApp for, and we’ll catch you in the next one. It is important to note that dynamic values, such as those of currencies, might not come out to be accurate.

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