5 Apple iPhone X Features That Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Already Had

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Like it or not, flagships phones ARE about that dastardly rat race. Over the years Apple and Samsung have been trying to outwit each other which their flagship offerings. The tussle between the two heavyweights has gone though all from legal battles to taking pot shots at each other on stage at their respective global launch events.

Now that Apple is out with its iPhone X (aka iPhone 10) is people are drawing its comparison with Samsung Galaxy Note 8. In its 10th anniversary edition, Apple is introducing a lot of new features or innovations for the first time. Many of these features, however, were already there on the Samsung’s big Note.

Now, that doesn’t make iPhone X (cases) any lesser of a phone, but Hey, Note 8 (cases) had them first! Here are the 5 such iPhone X features.

Top 5 iPhone X Features That Were Already Available On Note 8

1.Edge-to-Edge Screen

Samsung has been a pioneer in display space. They made the edge-to-edge display the main steam feature with Galaxy S6 Edge and have been perfecting it for three generations now. Only when Apple phones started looking hideous in comparison that the Cupertino Giant embraced the technology. Soon industry embraced its trend and today more and more manufacturers are coming out with an edge-to-edge display including Apple.

Yes, Apple goes one step too far and adds the screen to the (almost) entire fascia, but the Notch on the top and black bezels running along the edges don’t exactly look appealing. We do feel that Samsung’s approach with narrow trimmings on top and bottom and bare side edges works better.

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2. Wireless Charging

Finally, an iPhone supports wireless charging. In 2017, it’s not a rocket science and Apple has finally managed to bring this feature after 10 years of iPhone existence where as Samsung introduced way back in 2013 with Galaxy S4. Over the years it has been an integral part of Samsung flagship devices and it also available on Galaxy Note 8.

3. Dual OIS

Dual cameras on a smartphone have been around for few years, but Apple came up with a unique dual camera implementation with telephoto lens setup last year for a 2X zoom well ahead of Samsung.

However, Galaxy Note 8 that had Samsung’s first dual camera was also the first camera in the world to have OIS on both sensors. This should help with better shots in low lighting. Apple soon caught up with the iPhone X.

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4. Live Bokeh Effect

Background blurred images are certainly in trend these days. At the same time, it’s not easy to get this thing right. The software often struggles to discern those fine edges in the foreground and the result is often inconsistent.

The iPhone 7 Plus got better at it only after a number of software upgrades. Samsung’s first attempt, however, is quite impressive. Samsung with the Note 8 come up with Live Bokeh effect feature where you will be able to adjust the intensity of Bokeh effect real time in your camera viewfinder even before clicking the picture. iPhone X was once again a little too late to the party.

5.Face Recognition

Have you heard about the Apple’s new Face ID? It is a face recognition technology Apple has developed to secure the new iPhone X (cases). Apple’s face ID, on paper, seems more advanced than the existing Face recognition system, but initial reviews that we have had make it amply clear that it is far from perfect. The Face Scanner is also available on the Samsung Note 8. However, Samsung doesn’t feel it is secure enough so it also packs in an iris scanner and fingerprint sensor.

The Face Scanner is also available on the Samsung phones, including the Note 8, since about a year. However, Samsung doesn’t feel it is reliable enough so it also packs in an iris scanner and fingerprint sensor, something Apple should have done too.

Apple iPhone X Features That First Made It To The Note Samsung Galaxy Note 8

No smartphone is perfect. And unfortunately, that still holds true at the end of 2017, when we already have the true flagships – the iPhone X or the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – from notably the biggest smartphone manufacturers. They both have their plus and minus, but competition for adding new innovation and features that are well thought out in advance should be the driving force if we are to have perfect phones someday.

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