20+ OnePlus 7 Pro Hidden Feature, Useful Tips and Tricks

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OnePlus has a track record of releasing very capable flagship alternatives, and one part they get right, which most other Chinese manufacturer’s don’t, is the software. The Oxygen OS has always been a OnePlus strength because it’s designed in line with the global taste, doesn’t stuff features to the extent it becomes overwhelming, and has all the necessary basics.

The OnePlus 7 Pro (Review) has powerful hardware and capable software to go along. If you have already bought the phone, or are planning to, here are a few things that you must try.

Latest Oxygen OS features, tips and tricks

1. DC Dimming

AMOLED displays use PWM or pulse width modulation to reduce brightness. This often leads to high flicker when using them at minimum brightness. For people who are sensitive to flicker, using these screen at low brightness can result in eye fatigue and migraines.

We have explained the issue in a separate article, but the crux of the matter is that OnePlus has an option to switch to dc dimming for reducing the brightness. Just head to Settings>> Utilities>> Laboratory to access it. With Dc dimming turned on, color accuracy takes a hit, but the trade-off should be worth it for anyone who’s sensitive to PWM flicker.

2. Adjust Refresh Rate and Resolution

OnePlus 7 Pro is one of the first mainstream phones to deliver a high refresh rate display. After living with the phone, we can surely say that that the higher refresh rate is more than just technical snake oil, but you’ll mostly notice the difference only when you scroll.

This “smoothness”, however, comes at a price. When you max out the display on the 7 Pro, the battery drains really fast. Thankfully, there are options to dial down the resolution and refresh rate, and we suggest you use these on days when you know you’d be away from charging point. You will find screen resolution and screen refresh rate adjustment options under Settings>> Display.

3. Change Display Colors and try Reading Mode

This year, the default mode (Vivid) on OnePlus 7 Pro is a lot better than what we had on OnePlus 6T. However, there are a few other color profiles that you must try.

The Natural Profile is close to sRGB with a warm white point. It’s lighter on the eyes and also the one we’d recommend. A few other profiles, including sRGB and Display P3, are listed under advanced option along with a cool-warm slider to adjust white point.

The 7 Pro also has the reading mode that you can set to trigger in select apps or activate system-wide from quick settings.

4. Auto Call recording

You can record individual calls on OnePlus directly from the dial screen, but there’s also option to turn on Auto call recording.

Just open your ‘Phone’ or dialer app, and click on the triple dot menu on the top right to access dialer settings. Here you will find “call recording”. Oxygen OS also gives you the option to auto-record favorite contacts, all contacts, or specific contacts.

5. Quick Launch Shortcuts

By holding your fingers on the fingerprint unlock area a tad longer, you can get to a quick launch slider that can keep 6 shortcuts. You can also customize these shortcuts to add apps of your choice, in-app shortcuts, contacts and what not!

To turn on Quick Launch, go to Settings>> Utility and select the option. You can now delete default shortcuts and add new ones better suited to your individual usage.

6. Call Identification

Call Identification is one of the India centric features in the Oxygen OS. If you feel True caller is excessively intrusive and spammy, you can try call identification as an alternative to avoid spam calls.

As all caller Id services, this will get better with time.

7. Customize Shelf

On the OnePlus 7 Pro, a right swipe on the home screen will take you to the shelf, which acts as a dashboard for your phone. The Shelf is a great place to quickly access tools, contacts, apps, etc. that you frequently use on your phone.

We’d recommend that you give it a try. This year OnePlus has added a handy parking location widget that will help you track exactly where you parked your car. You can also add other widgets from third-party apps to the OnePlus Shelf.

8. Zen mode

OnePlus also introduced a new Zen mode this year that you can access from quick settings.  Zen Mode cuts you off from all phone functions and can be useful if you need to forcefully impose self-discipline.

I don’t use it very often, but my better half is more than enthusiastic about triggering it whenever possible (particularly at night time and at dinner time). It must be noted that Zen Mode won’t cut background app activity. It’ll just bar the user from accessing all apps.

9. Customize Camera Modes

OnePlus 7 Pro allows you to add, remove or rearrange camera modes like Portraits, Nightscape, Pro, etc. in the camera app roster. This way you can make modes that you frequently use more accessible.

To set modes, open the camera app and swipe up to access camera settings. Now tap on “Customized modes” and make required changes.

10. Tune Audio

OnePlus 7 Pro can output Dolby Atmos certified audio and there’s also a handy equalizer that you may use to customize audio based on your preferences.

Just go to Settings>> Sound and vibration and tap on Dolby to choose an audio profile. As soon as you connect headphones, you will see an equalizer option as well.

11. Customize Alert Slider

The alert slider is something we use at least once every day on our 7 Pro. It’s positioned to be easily accessible and is the fastest way to mute your phone when required.

You can also customize your slider to an extent by getting to Settings >> Buttons and Gestures. Customization options are fairly limited, though.

12. Screen recorder

Another new addition this year is a screen recorder, which you can conveniently access from quick settings. The screen recorder is something you can use to record your games (with or without external audio) or to just record and share tutorials. Consider it an advanced screenshot option.

13. Dark theme and accent colors

OnePlus was among the first few OEMs to give a system-wide dark theme, a must-have feature that’s coming to many more phones in 2019.

The Oxygen OS also gives you the freedom to customize the accent color in the UI, and that’s surely a feature you’d want to try. Just go to Settings>> Display. In the same menu, you’d also find options to change font style and size for further customization.

14. Use Power-button as Google Assistant Key

You can also configure long-press action on the power button to trigger Google Assistant or Alexa. The option is listed under Settings>> Buttons & gestures. Google Assistant is getting really good and is shaping up to be at the epicenter of connected smart universe Google is knitting.


If you feel its good but aren’t habituated to doing things the new way, this nifty customization might help. After all, It’s more natural to begin a conversation without starting with the hot word.

15. Change Unlock Animations

The fast optical fingerprint sensor on the 7 Pro is also complimented by a slick unlock animations that you can access from Settings>> Security>> Fingerprints.


The in-display fingerprint sensor on the OnePlus 7 Pro is not always on. So, you may also consider turning on the “Tap the screen to show” option.

16. Navigation gestures

The lack of notch and large display size already make the OnePlus 7 Pro screen very immersive. However, you can further notch things up by using navigation gestures to get rid of the navigation bar.

The options to customize the navigation bar are listed under Settings>> Buttons and gestures.

17. Parallel Apps

OnePlus 7 Pro allows you to use the same apps with two different accounts simultaneously. The option for twin apps is listed under Settings>> Utilities. Apart from regular social media apps, you can also keep two accounts for payment apps like Paytm on one phone.

18. Quick Reply in landscape

Quick Reply in landscape option is present under settings>> utilities. If turned on, you will notice a floating keyboard within apps like WhatsApp or Instagram that’s easier to use in the landscape orientation.

19. Access Hidden Space in App Drawer

You can also drag out a hidden space in the OnePlus App drawer by swiping from the left edge. Here you can add apps or parallel apps that you don’t want everyone to spot as easily.

20. RAM Boost and Fnatic gaming mode

RAM boost was earlier a Laboratory option but is now a mainstream feature listed under Settings >> System. RAM boost makes better use of free RAM on OnePlus phones by using the extra space to cache your frequently used apps.

Another performance booster is Fnatic mode, which is a bit more aggressive than the gaming mode. The idea is to cut back on several key features and invest all resources to smoothen gameplay.

21. Customize Always-On display

OnePlus doesn’t have a true “Always On” display like Samsung or Huawei phone, but its Ambient display comes really close. It ensures you need not wake your phone every time for basics like checking time or battery.

You can customize the clock on the Ambient display and even set the widget to show up every time you tap on your phone’s screen.

21 OnePlus 7 Pro and OnePlus 7 tips and tricks to try

These are some of the Interesting Oxygen OS features that you may try on OnePlus 7 pro. Apart from what we have mentioned above, there are several other popular features like night sight in the camera app and Face Unlock as well. Most of these tips and tricks will also be applicable to OnePlus 7 and other older OnePlus phones running the same Oxygen OS version.

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4 years ago

My OP7 Pro doesn`t have the call recorder option, how can I enable it ?

4 years ago

Possible that you are using the US model where call recording may be illegal. Using the Chinese model where it is available in call.

3 years ago

my handphone not working tap the screen to show… how i can?

Siddharth Sikaria
4 years ago

Hi text replacement Does it works in one plus 7 pro ?