Huawei’s Honor 10 Lite is a well-rounded phone for its price and also an affordable option from Huawei that runs their latest Android Pie-based EMUI 9 software. One of the signature EMUI traits for years has been an abundance of customization options. (हिंदी में पढ़िए)

Every now and then, this feature-rich nature comes in handy as you can save some trouble of going through the app store for workarounds to simple problems. Let’s talk about some interesting EMUI 9 features that you must try.

Best EMUI 9.0 Hidden Features, Tips and Tricks

1. Digital Wellbeing

Huawei has its own version of Google Digital well being and it’s called Digital Balance. You can use Digital Balance to monitor how much time you devote to particular apps and also set the screen to grey out after a particular time limit or during ‘sleep time’.

Does digital wellbeing help? well, yes it does. A bit.  You will find the ‘Digital Balance’ option listed in the main Settings menu.

2. Enable call forwarding between SIM cards

Many of us use two SIM cards on our phones and have the experience of missing calls on one of the numbers when we were busy talking on the other. Huawei’s EMUI 9 has a simple solution for that.

You can go to Settings>>Wireless Settings>> Dual SIM settings. Now turn on ‘Enable call forwarding between SIMs. Once done, you will get call waiting prompts when you are taking calls on one SIM and someone is trying to reach you on the other one.

3. Huawei Share – Access storage on your PC

Using Huawei PC Share option, you can conveniently access your phone’s storage on a Windows or Mac PC connected over the same Wi-Fi network, without using a data cable.

To do so, simply go to Settings>> Device connectivity>>Huawei Share and turn on Computer Share. You can also change and view password under ‘Verfification on computers’ option.

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4. Change display resolution

The Honor 10 Lite has a full HD+ resolution screen, but EMUI also has an option to scale down display resolution – which could be used to conserve battery.

Go to Settings>>Display>> Screen resolution to make changes. You can opt for HD+ resolution or turn on Smart resolution to automatically adjust resolution based on different parameters (we prefer to keep it turned off and to use the screen at full HD+).

5. Adjust Display Colors

Huawei’s EMUI 9 software also allows users to manually adjust color saturation and temperature. Just go to Settings>>Display>>color mode & temperature.

We’d recommend that you try Normal mode which is lighter on your eyes compared to the vivid mode. You may also adjust color temperature to warmer tones to the same effect.

6. Hide Display Notch

The Honor 10 Lite has a largely unintrusive dewdrop notch, but if it still bothers you, there is an option to partially hide it by blacking out the status bar. You can access the option, from Settings>>Display>> More Display Settings>> Notch.

This won’t free up space on your status bar, though.

7. WhatsApp Cleaner and Messenger Cleaner

EMUI 9 also has some very useful tools to manage storage. As you use any android phone overtime, residual files and app data accumulates in your storage. If you have limited storage space. The Honor 10 Lite has some effective tools you can use to clean up and manage storage, and you can selectively clean files from popular apps like messenger and WhatsApp (backups, sent images, etc.).

Go to settings>>Storage and tap the ‘Clean up’ button at the bottom.

8. Use Dual Apps

As with most other custom interfaces, EMUI 9 has the option to run messenger apps with multiple accounts. Using ‘App Twin’ listed under Settings>>Apps, you can duplicate apps like Messenger and WhatsApp and use them with two separate accounts.

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9. Ride Mode

The EMUI 9 has an elaborate Ride Mode that can be used to auto answer calls when you are riding (using pre-recorded voice and text messages), track your bike ride and more.

You can also check your bike riding analytics, and distance traveled for a particular ride. This could be quite handy for two-wheeler riders.

10. Customize Navigation buttons and gestures

As for Navigation, you can choose from different navigation bar layouts (including adding a fourth button to drag down notifications), or gestures.

Go to Settings>>System>>System navigation and from here you can decide what navigation style suits you best.

11. Fingerprint gestures

The fingerprint sensor on Huawei phones can be put to many good uses. On the Honor 10 Lite, you can use it as a selfie shutter, to answer calls, to stop the alarm, to browse photos and to drag down the notification panel.

You will find fingerprint sensor related customization options under Settings>>Security & Privacy>> Fingerprint.

12. App lock

On the Honor 10 Lite, you can safeguard apps with sensitive and private content using app lock. You can then unlock these apps using a secure PIN or using face unlock.

13. Camera Tricks

The camera software on the Honor 10 Lite is also laden with AI smarts and features. Apart from numerous shooting modes including portrait mode, aperture mode, Pro mode, AR stickers, etc., there are more options buried under settings that you can access by taping the settings cog at the top right corner of the viewfinder.

From camera settings, you can turn on the assistive grid and also set volume rocker to quickly launch the camera app.

We’d also advise you to try the Night mode which requires you to hold your phone steady for a few seconds but turns out impressive shots in low light.

14. Monitor apps that consume too much battery

If you feel your phone’s battery mileage has abruptly dipped, you have to option to check battery stats on EMUI to pinpoint any rough app.

Just go to Settings>>Battery>> More battery settings and check for Power intensive app history. You may also check “battery consumption details” to get a better idea.

14 Best Honor 10 Lite hidden features, tips, and tricks

These are a few interesting things that you can try on your Honor 10 lite or other EMUI 9.0 phones for that matter. Apart from the tricks we have mentioned, there are numerous other options like gestures, provision to add app drawer, change themes, etc. Instead of locating these features, you can simply search for them in the search bar at the top of the settings menu.



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