14 Kindle Oasis Tips, Tricks, and Hidden Features

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Amazon’s new eBook reader, Kindle Oasis 2 (9th generation) brings forward several changes and if you just bought one and are wondering what all you could do on your Kindle Oasis besides reading books, here are a few simple tips and tricks that you can benefit from.

1. Dark Theme

Kindle Oasis now has an option to invert black and white colors, and the effect is somewhat similar to the black theme that you might have used and appreciated on the Android or iOS app for being softer on the eyes.

On the Kindle Oasis, Just go to the Settings>> Accessibility>> and select the option to invert black and white.

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2. Show clock while reading

You may set the clock to continuously show on the top, just so you don’t have to tap the display to check the time while reading.


To enable the option, go to Aa Page Display>>Reading tab>> and turn on Show clock while reading.

3. Set warmer tones

On the 10th generation Kindle Oasis, Amazon has added warm lighting, a useful feature that should eventually make it to paperwhite as well.

Below brightness controls, you will notice separate controls for warm light that you may use to make your display pleasantly off-white and less harsh on eyes (particularly while night time reading).

4. Large display

To make full use of the larger 7-inch screen on the new Oasis, Amazon has also added a Large Display layout option. When you switch to the large display, text and icon size in default Kindle menus is increased, which makes it more convenient to operate for people who prefer bigger fonts.

You can find the option under Settings >> Display Settings >> Display Size

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5. Nightlight

The Kindle Oasis also has a night light option that has now been shifted under the ‘display settings’. The night light gradually decreases the led lighting on the Kindle as your eyes get accustomed to the dark ambiance.



This is a welcome addition and something you must turn on if you often read at bedtime. Go to Settings>> Display Setting>> Nightlight to toggle the option on.

6. Change the order of page turn buttons

Depending on the way you grip your Oasis, the top or bottom button might be more accessible. You can change the order of the buttons based on your personal preference. You’d probably want to keep the more accessible button as page forward button, the order doesn’t reverse if you hold the Kindle upside down.

To change page turn button order, go to Settings>> Reading options>> Page turn buttons

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7. Screenshot

All kindle variants don’t have the option to take a screen capture, but Oasis does. To take a screen capture, just tap the top-right and bottom-left corner simultaneously. The display will blink to confirm that the screenshot has been captured.

You can later access the screenshot by connecting your Kindle to a PC via USB cable.

8. Get Audible support

You can read your Audible books on your Kindle Oasis too. If Amazon supports Audible in your country, your Audible content will automatically sync with your Kindle. If not, you can switch your default country settings to the supported region and get it to work. Just follow these steps.

9. Search your Library

If you need to look through a title in your Library, just tap the page indicator at the bottom right corner, you will now see an option to either switch to a different library page or search using a word in the title.

10. Mail documents to your Kindle

You can directly mail PDF and other supported format documents on your Kindle. Every Kindle app has a dedicated mail address that you can find in Settings>>My account>> Send-to-kindle-email.

You can directly attach and send PDF books or documents to your Kindle device using this mail.

11. Shortcut to switch to VoiceView

If for some reason, you need to switch to VoiceView to navigate your Kindle using audio commands, you can simply long-press the power button for 9 seconds and then tap using two fingers (separated) anywhere on the interface. Your Kindle will switch to VoiceView mode and start looking for active Bluetooth devices nearby. For step-by-step instructions, you can read this article.

12. Free ebooks in Kindle Store

If you wish to purchase free books available on Kindle store, here is what you need to do. Press the triple dot menu icon from home page and go to kindle store. Tap the “see mode” option in the “Best Seller” category. Now tap on the Refine button on the right and select ‘Free Titles’ to access the list o free classics.

13. Experimental browser

Amazon’s Kindle has an experimental browser that has been experimental for 10 years now. It’s far cry from an efficient smartphone browser, but you can still use it to read particular stuff from the internet.

Just tap on the triple dot menu icon on the home page and select the experimental browser.

14. Vocab Builder and Word Wise

If you are interested in improving your vocabulary, Kindle has two tools you could use: Word Wise and Vocabulary Builder. Both can be enabled or disabled from Settings>> Reading Options>> Language learning.

The Word Wise gives you hind to commonly looked words in the book itself, and the Vocab builder keeps a track of every word you have checked out in the dictionary (using long press) while reading and can be used to revisit them (option is present in the main menu).

14 Kindle Oasis Tips, Tricks, and hidden features

These are some of the best Kindle Oasis (9th generation) features apart from the obvious ones like fast highlighting, adjusting auto-brightness, and searching through a book. The kindle essentially remains an e-book reading device, and if you love reading books, you will enjoy the experience. If not, look for large display options on the Android side of things.

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Clifford Farris
8 months ago

Fourteen tips and not a single one on how to get “go to”. It was easy on the Kindle Paperwhite. I still cannot find it on my expensive Kindle Oasis.

Michael Bradley
9 months ago

I cant turn my Oasis on properly, it is just sat with the light showing, I think it need s factory re set. Can you help please

Elayne Riskin
1 year ago

So where is the HELP I need to fix my problem? If I want to purchase a book how?

Elayne Riskin
1 year ago

HELP!!! How do I use the dictionary? In my original Kindle it was simple. I have no clue how to find it or use it. At this moment I am not happy with the Oasis. Rather UNHAPPY 😞 If I said so where is the HELP????? I’m

4 years ago

One other best thing about Kindle is that you can browse the web via an experimental browser and can access Facebook and Twitter for seamless sharing. It also supports Amazon’s audible content so that you can listen audiobooks easily.