Xiaomi has been trying to Make Redmi Note 5 Pro more accessible to the buyers and has taken another significant step in this direction. Now you will get 15-minute windows to complete payment IF you manage to add the phone to your cart.

Earlier, adding the phone to the card didn’t guarantee successful order. If you took too much time filling in address or payment details, you’d be greeted with the pitiless “out of stock” message. Your best bet for placing the order was, thus, Cash on delivery option.

Now that Flipkart will reserve the phone for 15 minutes, Xiaomi could again suspend COD to restrain reselling. We are guessing that orders that aren’t successfully completed will be available again to users.

The Redmi Note 5 Pro continues to be in high demand and Xiaomi is getting a lot of flak from prospective buyers who are tired of testing their luck in the flash sales. Adding an order window is a welcome move but we aren’t sure how effective this will be.

What has Xiaomi done so far to make Redmi Note 5 Pro more accessible?

  • Xiaomi suspended COD option in a few sales to curb reselling
  • The company started a pre-order program that proved to be equally ineffective as flash sales.
  • Xiaomi also increased prices of the base variant by 1000 INR to ramp up production.
  • Now, the company has added an Amazon-like 15-minute window to complete payment.


The Redmi Note 5 Pro has enjoyed an unchallenged run since its launch on Vaneltine’s day, but the competition is slowly catching up. Xiaomi plans on eventually scaling production to 1 million units per month in the near future and perhaps the phone will be available freely in the next few months.

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