Xiaomi has been showing a great deal of patience and performance simultaneously right since its very inception. We have been brought in proximity with a few latest inductions by Xiaomi in the saga of smart phones and other smart devices which include Mi Band, Mi Strips and a few smartphones like Xiaomi Mi 4, Redmi 2A. Redmi 2A is said to be the cheapest creation ever by Xiaomi and the first one to be powered by a Leadcore processor. And as per the reports, Xiaomi has just achieved the biggest of its milestones. It is something as big as grabbing a Guinness World Record.


Yes you got it right, Xiaomi has just earned a Guinness world record in its account for being the only smartphone brand to sell 2.1 million smartphones in just 24 hours on the Mi Fan Fest day in China on April 8. Xiaomi made a magic come alive at the event by selling out 2.1 million smartphones within an interval of merely 12 hours of the Mi Fan Fest held in China on April 8. As per the stats, a revenue of 2.08 billion Yuan (approximately US $335 million) was generated by the smartphone sales during those 12 hours.

To be very exact about the analysis, 170 million Yuan of tariff was made by selling accessories alone. Speaking of the specifics, 720,000 units of smart devices were sold in all. 247,000 sets of Mi Strip, 208,000 numbers of Mi Band, 38,600 Mi TV sets and 79,000 units of Mi Wi-Fi were on the chartbusters as well. Apart from all this, 403,000 Power banks, 336,000 Mi Piston earphones and 3.12 million units of Mi air purifiers added to the contribution to reach the big spot. Xiaomi said that they worked hard enough make sure that they well deserved the honor.



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