Off to a fresh start in 2018, LG will be re-branding its Flagship G-series confirmed and LG official to Digital daily. The erstwhile G7 that’s supposed to land in February at MWC will get a new name, probably with a new double digit number, just as the V-series.

The reason for the shift hasn’t been stated but its probably because LG wants to catch up to competitor series like “Note 8” and iPhone X.

Image: LG V30+

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The G-series first started off in 2012 with Optimus G. LG later dropped the Optimus moniker for the G2 (one of the most memorable LG phones, if you ask me). Along the way the G-series had its highs and lows, the lowest point perhaps being the modular misfire – LG G5.

The LG G6 launched last year was one cycle behind compared to competitors as it was powered by Snapdragon 821 instead of the Snapdragon 835 (Samsung reportedly called dibs on the first batch of Qualcomm’s flagship mobile platform). For the rest of the year, the LG G7 retailed as an upper mid-range phone (in the same price bracket as the OnePlus 5).

Come to think of it, the G-series has lost its flagship series and has been supplanted by V-series in this regards. It’s perhaps wise for LG to have a fresh start for its next exciting phone.

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