Indian consumers are religiously serious about their selfies. A simple leisurely stroll outdoors in any part of the country should be testament enough to this fact. Over the years, selfies have grown beyond a mere fad and are now considered an important tool for self-expression by young India.

Mobiistar, a renowned Vietnamese brand that holds expertise in making phones for the young consumers, recently entered India with XQ Dual and CQ. Of these, the aggressively priced selfie-camera phone, XQ dual, leads the charge and has a remarkable selfie camera.

But what makes Mobiistar XQ Dual effortlessly great at capturing selfies? Let’s elaborate.

1. Dual Cameras

The Mobiistar XQ Dual is perhaps the only phone in its class that comes with dual front cameras that actually work as advertised. The Selfie star combines a 13MP and 8MP sensor on the front. The extra sensor has a wide-angle lens and helps you fit more in every selfie frame.

Only when you have experienced it in person do you realize how much of a difference this makes. Every now and then, we keep running into situations where we just have to show more of the backdrop or have to fit more people in the frame, and that’s where the wide-angle mode comes in handy.

2. Excellent Beauty Mode

The Mobiistar XQ Dual has a very refined and elaborate 7-Level Beauty Mode. You can use it to subtly enhance your skin or envelop minor blemishes in the clicked images. In fact, the phone also has a Manual Beautify mode for targeted beautification.

With multiple Beautify Levels and deft photo-processing algorithms, the beauty filter is optimized to capture selfie photos that can brighten and soften the skin, enlarge eyes and enhance the v-line of the face. It has been carefully designed to highlight beauty, but never at the expense of looking unnatural.

3. Vibrant HDR Selfies

The Mobiistar XQ Dual Selfie camera also has an HDR mode that works like a charm. So, whenever you need to extend the dynamic range of your selfies or to bring out more highlights in the darker areas, you can rely on the HDR mode to do all the hard work for you.

This helps selfies from the Mobiistar XQ dual look natural and closer to what you actually see with your eyes, even in imperfect lighting.

4. Star Light

The front camera is also assisted by a soft LED flash that can be used for enhancing extreme low light shots and also for balancing light in indoor shots. The Star Light flash isn’t harsh and won’t overexpose your self-portraits. It just adds enough to offset low ambient light and you won’t end up looking like a zombie.

5. Smart Software

No smartphone camera can spew perfect shots without the aid of the perfect software. The image post-processing on the Mobiistar XQ Dual and the ease of navigating through the camera interface are also features that make the phone stand out against all other selfie phones under Rs. 8,000.

While shooting indoors, the camera doesn’t over sharpen images and manages to retain fine details. While shooting outdoors, the software is smart enough to judge the ambient lighting and correctly compensate for it. The dynamic range and metering are almost always spot on.

Things like wide-angle modes, beautification, timer, etc. that you’d frequently use are a single tap away on the viewfinder.

How good is the Mobiistar XQ Dual Selfie Camera? Very

This isn’t the first time that an OEM has tried to up the selfie game for affordable phones, but what we usually get are marketing gimmicks. The Mobiistar XQ Dual primarily focuses on the selfie part, but that isn’t the only ace up its sleeve.

The XQ Dual further includes a full HD display, a long-lasting battery, VoLTE and ViLTE support, a fast fingerprint sensor, and a powerful Qualcomm chipset that assures of durable performance in the long run. If Selfies are important to you, you need not look beyond the Mobiistar XQ Dual while considering phones priced under 8,000 INR

Mobiistar XQ Dual Price in India

You can Buy Mobiistar XQ Dual exclusively from Flipkart for Rs. 7,999. You can also avail several offers that further reduce the effective price.

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