WhatsApp rolls out ‘Accidental Delete’ feature to save users from embarrassment

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Ever been in a sticky situation when you sent a message to the wrong group/person on WhatsApp and then made a mess of it by hitting ‘Delete For Me’ option instead of ‘Delete for Everyone’ in a hurry? Now, you can neither see nor delete the wrong message but it is still visible to the other people you sent it to. Most of us have landed in such situations once in a while. Now, the messaging app has tried to help users get saved from such embarrassing situations. WhatsApp has rolled out ‘Accidental Delete’ feature that will save you in such a tricky situation.

Accidental Delete Feature: What is it?

The new feature gives you a 5-second window from the time you deleted a message to undo that deletion. After you delete a message, a small dialogue box appears with the message ‘Message deleted for me’. The box will have a small undo button and if you click on the button, the message you just deleted will reappear.

The feature is now available to all Android and iPhone users.

What else is new on WhatsApp?

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WhatsApp is working on various new features. These include picture-in-picture mode for video calls on iPhone, disabling notifications for calls, messaging yourself, polls, avatars, displaying profile pictures in groups, and more.

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