World’s leading chatting messenger – Whatsapp is all set to roll out URL preview for all its Android users in its upcoming update. Competitors like Telegram messenger have already added link preview feature in their app. Whatsapp on its official website has added app version 2.12.312, which offers the ability to preview links before you share them with contacts in your friend-list.Screenshot_com

The company has termed this feature as rich preview and is still working on the nitty-gritty to ensure flawless experience. As of now, customers with version 2.12.312 are able to preview links before hitting the send button. However, the recipients will have to wait a bit longer for this preview feature. So far, the rich preview only works with regular URLs. The preview links only showcase a small brief of the page.  Unlike Telegram where user can check out even images and its caption, on Whatsapp preview consists only text.

Whatsapp recently added Google Drive support on Android version of its chatting application. Now users can store all the conversation on the Google’s cloud storage. Despite sitting at the top of the ladder, company is continuously trying to roll out new features for its users. Users can expect more such interesting features from Whatsapp in the coming months.

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