What is Vo5G? How Does It Works & When’s India Getting It?

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We have come a long way since the beginning of cellular networks. 5G, the latest to bring up to gigabytes of internet speeds, has revolutionized how we connect. However, it’s not just the internet speeds that have evolved, calls have been able to keep pace with the iterations too. 

Gone are the days when you had to say “What?” every few minutes because you are called to listen to what the person on the other side is saying. A few years ago, VoLTE changed our outlook bringing in crystal clear voice calls. Today, Vo5G or Voice-Over-5G is taking it to the next level enhancing the overall calling experience like never before.

Unfortunately, not everyone knows what Vo5G is or some might be in doubt. Thus, read along to know what Vo5G is, how it sets itself apart from the last-gen VoLTE, and how it helps you revolutionize your mobile experience. 

What is Vo5G?

First up, let’s understand the abbreviations. Vo5G stands for Voice-Over-5G. It is also known as VoNR (or Voice Over New Radio). Both these terms are often used interchangeably and also to invoke marketing value. 

Vo5G is the latest advancement in voice calls available for smartphones that support 5G. When making or taking calls on Vo5G, the phones use the core 5G standard to deliver better call quality, clarity, and lower latency. Vo5G extends to the full potential of 5G without switching to a lower wireless standard such as VoLTE, 3G, or even 2G that can deliver sub-voice quality.

It is similar to Voice-Over-Internet Protocol (VoIP), however, instead of using a third-party app, the phone uses a 5G network to deliver calls in the normal mode and thus, doesn’t require any mobile data. The lower latency promised with Vo5G often mimics calls over WhatsApp or even real-time face-to-face interaction which dictates the prowess of using Vo5G.

However, unlike VoLTE which is widespread after years of being in the business (India has VoLTE since 2016), Vo5G is relatively new in India and thus, requires a lot of groundwork before it starts delivering its full potential.

Vo5G – Numbers telling the story

According to the statistics coming from the research firm Juniper Research, the total Voice-over-5G (Vo5G) minutes are expected to rise 500% reaching the mark of 4.7 trillion minutes in 2028. These are the estimates for a period of 2023 to 2028 representing 42% of the total minutes. 

Another research firm Mordor Intelligence puts the market value of Vo5G at USD 2.15 billion in 2020 reaching USD 145.99 billion by 2026 with a CAGR of 98.9%. Vo5G will also take advantage of IoT, Cloud, AR/VR along with the 5G evolution over the years bringing HD voice communication and improved voice and data capabilities to the users. 

How is Vo5G better than VoLTE?

To simplify, VoLTE uses 4G at the core while Vo5G uses 5G which makes them a bit similar, although using Vo5G is much better. It is because Vo5G introduces better call quality and lower latency which means you get to talk to the person on the other end without much delay. It also discourages downgrading to VoLTE or older standards that keep the voice clarity optimum.

Vo5G discourages call drops and cutouts thanks to reliability and lower packet loss. It has a higher bandwidth which means it can handle more calls in congested areas than VoLTE. 5G itself has increased data speeds for manifolds meaning you can download a 1GB of file in a few minutes. 

5G users, for quite a lot of time, have complained about latency when making calls if the standards drop from 5G to 4G. However, once Vo5G becomes dominant, delays and drops will be minimized since your phone will prefer Vo5G over VoLTE. You can check out the next ‘Pros’ section to get a better hold on why Vo5G is better. 

Pros of Using Vo5G

Enhanced Voice Quality: By far one of the greatest advantages of using Vo5G is the enhanced voice quality. It is because Vo5G uses advanced codecs to ensure high-fidelity voice transmissions along with high data speeds and low latency offered by 5G networks. This results in more natural sound, excellent call clarity, and reduced background noise.

Low Latency: Employ 5G core networks offer callers on Vo5G low latency. In the simplest form, latency is the time it takes for data packets to travel between devices such as caller to recipient and vice versa, in this case. With Vo5G, you will enjoy real-time conversations with people with negligible delays crucial for voice and video calls.

Enhanced Concurrent Connections: Every cellular network and technology offers better features and most of all, boosts bandwidth and capacity. 5G is nothing less where it has more bandwidth to support more devices concurrently. What it does is, the connect offers users a seamless experience in a densely populated area and/or during peak usage times delivering uninterrupted voice call services.

What Are The Requirements for Vo5G?

Most feature phones such as Samsung Guru have been capped to 2G and 3G meaning they don’t have any compatibility with 4G and newer generations. It goes on to show, that you need to meet certain requirements to become eligible for newer tech including Vo5G.

  • You need a 5G smartphone to begin with. Phones released after 2022 are compatible with Vo5G.
  • You need to reside in a 5G coverage area to be eligible for Vo5G.
  • You need to pair with a carrier that supports Vo5G calling as the minimum requirement.

How Do You Use Vo5G?

If you have a Vo5G-compatible device, a carrier delivering Vo5G services, and reside in a 5G coverage area, you should be able to use Vo5G without much hassle. 

Just like VoLTE, you should have settings to toggle Vo5G on your phone. It is primarily available for devices launched after 2022 with the setting enabled by default. If not, you can search for your make and model, check its compatibility, and turn it on if you are connected to a carrier that supports it. At the end of the day, it takes just a flick of a finger to engage Vo5G whenever available. 

When is Vo5G making it to India?

5G in India has begun to be widespread with Reliance Jio taking the lead along with Bharti Airtel. Vi (Vodafone India) has 5G services limited to select circles which is also limited to postpaid plans at the moment. Talking about VoNR or Vo5G, the tech is not available in India even though 5G has become widespread with a footprint of more than 100 cities.

Reports suggest Reliance Jio is testing out VoNR (or Vo5G) behind the curtains although it remains to be seen when the service will be available. Carriers will have to establish 5G infrastructure as well as ensure interoperability between existing 4G VoLTE and new 5G systems in place to ensure smooth rollout. 

We are quite optimistic that Reliance Jio will take the lead in VoNR rollout in India followed by Airtel and Vi in succession.

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