Usha’s InfiniteCook 360R Halogen Oven combines the benefits of microwave oven and an Air fryer, and is very well suited for slow, oil-free cooking. You could classify it among Air fryers, but innovative combination of Hot Air fan, Halogen lamp and ‘rotisserie accessories’ lets you roast, toast, grill, bake, fry, barbecue and do a lot more. We were primarily drawn to it for health conscious reasons, and if you are planning to buy it, the same reason must me at the top of your mind. Let’s explore further.

Note: I am not an expert cook, but am used to working my way around ovens and fryers. What you are getting here is pretty much a fresh, mango man perspective, rather than professional Chef level expertise.


Tech Specs

Model Number HO 3515i
Voltage 230V AC, 50 Hz
Wattage 1300 W
Color White
Capacity 10.5 L
Accessories Rotisserie stick, Rotisserie grill, Rotisserie basket, Rotisserie skewers, Frying pan, Grill rack , Tongs, Oil spray bottle

Before we begin

If you are new to Air fryers, here is what you should know. Unlike conventional fryers, which require you to submerge your food in hot oil, for crisp surface and soft insides, Air fryers dunks your food in hot air. A fan is used to bombard your food with hot air to achieve the same desired result. Well almost.


What your fry won’t taste or look the exact same as deep fried food, but the surface will retain its crunchiness and the trafe-offs, arguably, seem well worth it in light of health advantages involved. You still need to sprinkle oil on your food for richer color, but that’s way healthier than deep frying.

Usha’s InfitniteCook 360R Halogen Oven

This isn’t the first InfiniteCook Halogen Oven from Usha. Compared to the last year model, the primary difference is the addition of rotisserie functionality (360R), but the company has also worked on eliminating other flaws. This time, the control panel is automatic and you need not reset timer and temperature every time you open the lid. Also, the glass base has been replaced by a plastic one with a removable metal sink inside, perhaps for easy of cleaning and maintenance.


How it works

Once you place your food in oven, it is exposed to convection heating air currents from all sides. Besides, the heat from Halogen lamp penetrates deep inside.

The rotisserie accessories make a significant difference when you are cooking dishes like French fries or Paneer Tikka. You don’t have to be bothered with shaking or re-positioning your food again and again. The cumulative effect of Halogen lamp, convection heating and rotisserie accessories is evenly cooked food on all sides, without any inconvenience.


Ease of operation

The Halogen Oven is very easy to operate. We got used to what accessory, rack or tray should be used for what food item in no time. Just press the ‘Push button’ present on the pivot and close the lid (when open, the lid is held on its own).

To take advantage of full 10.5 L capacity (Good enough to cook for 4 people), you can use Aluminum, Steel, tin or borosil utensils with grill rack placed upside down. Do not use plastic in the halogen oven. Not even your microwave safe utensils.


Once the food is inside, move over to the control panel. There are no confusing presets here. Just set the temperature, set the timer and press start. Press stir to activate rotisserie motor when required. That’s it. The oven temperature can go as high as 250° C, which is high enough for most food preparation. Timer can be set for up to 1 hour. A recipe book bundled within the box comes handy. Consult it for details like preheating time, cooking temperature, etc.

Overall, the Usha InfiniteCook 360R Halogen Oven is quite simple to operate. The bundled attachments work fine, save for the Tong and the Spray Bottle. It’s tricky to use that tong to haul hot Rotisserie attachments, and the spray stream from the bottle needs to be wider. I ended up using a brush instead to layer oil film before frying. Also, assembling the rotisserie skewer is a task in itself, but you won’t be doing that very often.



We tried French fries, Samosas, Pizza, open sandwiches, Paneer tikka and baking cake in the oven. French fries weren’t the best we have had, but tasted fine. Samosas turned out impressive. Crisp and crunchy. Open sandwiches were well cooked, even the thick paneer (cottage cheese) slices were evenly cooked.

The cake was a disaster, but I owe that to by poor baking skills. Since I am vegetarian, I lend the oven to a friend of mine for some non-veg testing, and he was impressed. Long story short, the quality of food turns out real good, but you will need some practice and patience (cooking takes some time).

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Cleaning and maintenance

It gets messier than a regular Microwave oven, but is better than a regular deep fryer. Use a clean sponge or dish clothe with a little mild dishwashing detergent and warm water to wipe bowl and other attachments.


Even the external body gets hot while cooking, so handle the oven carefully and let it cool before you wash it.


Usha InfiniteCook 360R Halogen Oven is great option for health conscious buyers. It is reasonably compact and will be a good addition to your kitchen for side dishes and snacks. However, you much know that the taste and appearance won’t be exactly same as what you are used to seeing from traditional appliances (which in no way means that it will be inferior). Usha’s new Halogen Oven has an MRP of 17,999 INR, but the best buy price is expected to be lower.


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