Reddit Users Raise Concerns About iPhone 15 Pro Battery Swelling Issues

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Cupertino-based Tech giant Apple launched its iPhone 15 Series earlier this month. The Apple iPhone 15 Series includes the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max. The devices went on sale a few days ago and ever since then, some users have been complaining about heating and battery issues with the iPhone 15 series smartphones. Now, recently one more iPhone 15 Pro user has shared his underwhelming experience with the device. Apparently, his a few days old iPhone 15 Pro has swollen and no longer fits into the protective case.

User’s experience shared on Reddit

A Redditor with the username u/Leather_Cheerio_402 has shared an image of his iPhone 15 Pro handset that shows a bulge separating the bottom display assembly. The user claims that the device was picked up on Monday, but the swollen battery was not noticed at that time. The user noticed the swollen battery when he/she tried to use a case for the iPhone 15 Pro as the accessory did not fit properly revealing that there was a swollen battery that had popped up the lower part of the screen. Though the user has clarified that the iPhone is still working, people who have responded to the post are advising him/her to switch off the device and complain to Apple.

Image shared by Redditor

The Redditor claims that the nearest Apple Store was not at all supportive in the matter because when the user explained the issue and told them that the iPhone was purchased from Verizon, the store staff advised the Redditor to visit the exact place of purchase.

The community seemed offended by this behavior as they claimed that regardless of where the defective iPhone was picked up from, the Genius Bar should facilitate the owner.

Further, the Redditor mentioned that though Verizon has agreed to exchange the unit for a new one when the new unit will be in stock is uncertain. This means the user will have to be without a phone for a while.

What does the Community Think?

Most of the community members have advised the user to switch off the device, not charge it, and immediately take it to the Apple store. People have advised the Redditor to not use the device further for the sake of his/her health as they feel it is a ticking bomb that can explode anytime.

Many people claim to have worked at Verizon centers or Genius Bars and they claim that the store will replace the device immediately if it is under 30 days old.

Some have expressed concern about the issues being reported with Apple phones. One user writes, “The amount of bad iPhone 15 models I’m seeing is scary”.

While some are enraged at Apple store’s behavior, others feel the user has dropped the device and is now hiding the entire scenario to get a free replacement. A user named Background_Ask_4310 says, “Looks like it has been dropped judging by the damage on the corner”.

These community members feel it is the user’s fault while some others claim that even a drop should not do this much damage.

Since Reddit is a public space, you are bound to find people who see humor in every circumstance. Some Redditors are joking about the incident with comments like “Put some ice on it, might help the swelling” or “Congratulations! In a couple of months it will give birth to some rare iPhone 15 Minis”.

What do We think?

Another image shared by Redditor

Since this is the first major case of an iPhone 15 Pro being swollen, the brand can be given the benefit of the doubt. Also, we have no idea about how the device was charged what kind of activity was carried out on the phone, what sorts of apps were run, and more.

However, giving the benefit of the doubt doesn’t mean one should overlook the incident completely. The device should be thoroughly inspected by Apple and the cause of the defect must be found out (considering the user’s information is legit). This will help avoid such cases in the future as swollen batteries due to heating can be dangerous for users.

What could the issue be?

An Apple analyst claims that the iPhone 15 Pro is powered by A17 Pro chipsets but the chipset is not the culprit here. In fact, the titanium chassis and underwhelming thermal cooling system is, which has led to throttling issues and stuttering problems while playing games like Genshin Impact.

We just hope this was a standalone incident and it gets resolved quickly. If we hear anything more like this, we will keep you updated.

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