Twitter introduces 60-minute video feature for Twitter Blue subscribers

Videos should be not more than 2GB in size

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Twitter has recently made an announcement regarding a new feature that has the potential to change the entire trajectory of the application’s growth. The micro-blogging application has mentioned that it will soon bring out the videos feature and will allow subscribers to upload 60 minutes of videos.

The feature will be exclusively available for Twitter Blue subscribers. In the initial stage, the video feature will only be available for the desktop version. It seems like the people who use Twitter for Android and iOS. Apart from that, Twitter has also unveiled a brand new feature that allows you to view the count of tweets.

Twitter video feature


In simple terms, Twitter explained it on the community page that the subscribers will be able to share 60-minute videos at HD resolution on the micro-blogging platform. The video that is supposed to be uploaded on Twitter should not exceed the size of 2GB. If the video is more than the mentioned size, then the platform will be unable to upload it.

It is expected that the feature will be improved with time as a majority of creators prefer high-quality video uploads. Previously, Twitter Blue subscribers were allowed to upload 10-minute videos at 1080p, and the videos were supposed to not exceed 512MB.

Apart from that, Twitter has released the View Count feature that allows you to see how many times the tweet has been viewed. The feature is available for all Twitter versions, including Android, iOS, and desktop versions.

Considering the number of changes the platform has gone through multiple changes just after Tesla CEO Elon Musk brought it, we are expecting to see new features to make the platform more user-friendly. One such example is the introduction of Twitter badges and their categorizations based on the nature of the entity behind the account.

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