Apple’s self-proclaimed ‘future of smartphones’, iPhone X, has reportedly been hit by a production snag. The reports surrounding it claim that the Apple is facing a difficulty in procuring components of Face ID, which is the standout feature of iPhone X, and this could lead to limited stocks for a long time to come.

According to the Wall Street Journal report, this manufacturing glitch could lead to a significant shortage of iPhone X, whose pre-order has already begun and the delivery is expected to start from November 3.

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Missing Romeos

The facial recognition feature in iPhone X that will be used to unlock and make mobile payments by reading your face, consists of two components. One is the home of the projector that uses a laser beam to create a 3D map of the user’s face, which the company calls it Romeo, while the other is the infrared camera that helps to read that map, and is being called as the Juliet. It is being said that the face ID feature works better when these components work in tandem.

Where’s the challenge? The challenge Apple is facing right now is that the assembly of Romeo component in iPhone X was taking longer than Juliet. That is to say, there are more Juliets than Romeos.

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Things Back on Track

While the same report of the Wall Street Journal assured that the things are back on track for Apple, and they are working hard to meet the delivery date on time. But, this is not the first time iPhone X has hit a snag. Initial reports also suggested that Apple is falling short of OLED displays that will be used extensively on the new iPhones.


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