Smartron is an Indian smartphone firm that draws its inspiration and funds from the iconic Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar, who is also their brand ambassador. It’s also the only true make in India brand that designs its phones in the country.

Their (First Impression) is the second such finding, launched in India at Rs. 12,999 and Rs. 13,999 for 32GB and 64GB variant, respectively. The phone has got a sturdy silver plastic body with a matter finish on it.

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So, if you already own one or are planning to, you could protect your Smartron with these strong back covers and cases. Because hey! even master blaster needs protection.

Transparent Case cover by Jkobi

Despite the plastic finish of Smartron, the phone looks good in the silver matte finish. So, why hide it with a colored cover? Flaunt and protect your Smartron in this transparent case cover by Jkobi.

The cover is made from silicone material which makes it durable. The crystal clear cover protects your phone from all corners while maintaining its original look.

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Printed Case Cover by Treecase

Want to protect your case cover in style, consider this back cover for your Smartron The cover is made up of silicone material adding the much-needed flexibility and rigidity to the cover. Also, you can easily install and remove the case cover from your phone.

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Back Cover by Treecase

This stylish maze finish case cover by Treecase is exclusively designed for Smartron The cover surrounds the phone from all corners protecting it from scratches, bumps and inadvertent drops. The maze finish at the back gives you a better grip on your phone.

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Designer Case Cover by Trahas

Bored of same old case covers? You can opt for this case for your Smartron This Spidy case cover will protect your phone from minor bumps, scratches, and shall help keep the phone brand new even after months of usage.

If you are a marvels fan, this spider man case cover is for you.

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Flip Cover by Fuhrende

This multi-color case cover is made from durable material that will protect your Smartron from minor bumps, scratches, and unexpected mishap. The silicone case protects all four corners of the phone and lends it a nice grip too.

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Best Smartron Tempered Glasses

True that your new Smartron holds a Gorilla Glass 3, but it’s far from being invulnerable and you will surely need a quality display protector. Here are a few options you can consider.

Tempered Glass by Clorox – Buy it from here

Tempered Glass by iCopertina – Buy it from here

Tempered Glass by Johra – Buy it from here


  1. your post is good and know about the phone covers. i like Printed Case Cover by Tree case. phone back cover can also be a style statement. It options from transparent, plain or designer cases for phone.


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