Motorola’s acquisition hasn’t worked wonders for Lenovo as the Chinese Manufacturer had expected. What it has certainly led to, is a lot of commotion regarding the evolution of Motorola brand. If recent reports are to be believed, the Lenovo Vibe C2 (in pictures) could replace the Moto E series.

Upcoming Moto E variant

Yup, that sounds ridiculously absurd. The Moto E series is renowned for its iconic design. Something that spells class even for an Entry-level handset. On the other hand, the Vibe C2 looks like any other generic, low-cost Android handset on the block.

So, why is it being touted the next Moto E? Because the Model number of the handset, XT1021, resembles the one used on existing Moto E models.

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This reasoning doesn’t feel adequate enough to conclude that this would be the next Moto E model. Or are we in denial? Well, the recent Moto G4 and G4 Plus felt closer to Lenovo Ideology than to Motorola ethics. We just don’t know what to expect of the next Moto E iteration. A little birdie tells me that we will find out soon enough.


Talking of features and specifications, the Lenovo Vibe C2 features a 5-inch HD display, MT6735P entry level processor, 1GB RAM, 8GB/ 16GB storage options and 2750 mAh battery. For photography, there is a rather basic 8MP rear + 5MP front camera combination.



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