sony xperia p2 launch

Japanese electronics conglomerate Sony has stated it will be bringing out a whole new series of SD cards to be called SF-G, that it claims, will be the world’s fastest SD cards.

The company also let out the related specifications in order to consolidate its declaration which, as a whole, do lend it some credibility.

The cards would come in out in three variants – 32GB, 64GB, 128GB – and will reportedly have a maximum write speed of 299mbps.

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On the other hand, they will come with a topmost read speed of 300mbps which is a just a tad bit higher than the write speed.

Keeping in mind the company’s promise to deliver top-notch speed, the cards come replete with the UHS-II interface, thus adding a second row of connecting pins to the card for an increased transfer rate.


Sony has also affirmed that will also offer a similarly efficient card reader for smooth to and fro transitioning of data from the computers.

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According to the company, the cards are adept at handling quick-shooting cameras smoothly in addition to 4K video recording and other technical uses.

Security-wise, the cards will be compatible with Sony’s file rescuer software and are waterproof, shock proof, temperature resistant and X-ray proof.

The company has further let out that the cards will be made available come spring, but has kept mum regarding their price. You can expect it to be something north of $60 which is the cost of the current best, i.e. Sandisk Extreme Pro UHS-II with 300Mbps read and 260Mbps write speeds.

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