Sony PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition gets Rs 5,000 discount in India

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If you were looking out to buy a Sony PlayStation 5 or PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, you must wait a tad bit to save a tonne. Turns out Sony has announced an INR 5,000/- discount on both PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition on April 1st and no, it isn’t an April’s Fool gag. The offer will go live on April 1 in India bringing the prices of these two consoles down to their original price points after Sony bumped them during the last pre-order session.

Sony PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition On Discount

Based on the current and offered pricing, here’s what we know so far. The PS5 will be available at INR 49,990/- after an INR 5,000/- discount. It is currently at INR 54,990/- which means you will save almost 9-12% on the pricing.

The disc-less PS5 Digital Edition will make a dent of INR 39,990/- in your pockets after the discount. As of now, its price stands at INR 44,990/- which means you get a hefty 10% discount here as well. For the unversed, Sony launched both the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition at this discounted price originally, however, due to fluctuating Indian currency and other factors, it priced the price to what we know now.

Sony issues Rs 5,000 discount on PS5 & PS5 Digital Edition in India

Do note that the offer stands as ‘limited period only’. Sony hasn’t shared any details regarding the last date to avail Rs 5,000 discount on the purchase and neither any update on whether the offer is tied to ‘stocks last’. If you are interested in buying the console, you must think about buying it asap rather than wait to lose this golden opportunity.

With the INR 5,000/- discount in place, Sony has resumed original prices on the two consoles that will be available through Amazon, Flipkart, Vijay Sales, Reliance Digital, Games The Shop, Sony’s ShopAtSC and you name it. The availability of the consoles comes after Jim Ryan, Sony’s gaming boss, confirmed that finding PS5s will be much easier globally in 2023. It is a reference to how PS5 has been going out-of-stock multiple times in the past months.

Sony PlayStation 5 Specs

Talking about the specs, the PS5 brings an x86-64-AMD Ryzen Zen 8 Cores CPU with AMD Radeon RDNA 2-based Ray Tracing Acceleration GPU at 10.3 TGLOPS. There’s NVMe SSD Slot, USB HDD Support, and Ultra HD Blu-ray game disc support with Tempest 3D AudioTech. The standard console weighs 4.5 kg while the disc-less version stands at 3.9 kg.

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