Samsung’s New VR Display Is Twice As Sharp As Vive VR Screen

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Smartphone dependent VR headsets played their part by taking VR to the masses, but if the technology is to head someplace meaningful, we will surely need standalone VR headsets with super-sharp displays.

After all, there is immense scope for pixel peeping even on a QHD+ smartphone screen (which is where smartphones max out for obvious practical reasons) when magnified in a VR headset, and consequently, your mind can’t me tricked into thinking that you are part of this alternate reality.

460 PPI VS 860 PPI

Samsung’s new display for VR is a step in the right direction. The South Korean tech giant presented a 3.5” display that packs 2,200 x 2024 pixels, shooting the PPI count all the way up to 858! That’s about 3.5 times more pixels and twice the pixel density when compared to Rift and Vive VR.

The display also has 90Hz refresh rate and 100 Nits brightness so that you don’t end up with sore eyes post a 10-minute VR session. When compared side by side under a lens, it’s harder to discern individual pixels or lines between rows of pixels on the new display.

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The displays that Rift and Vive VR use are also provided by Samsung. These displays have 90Hz refresh rate and 1080×1200 per eye resolution. The new Samsung display could find a place in next generation of these VR headsets or Samsung might reserve it for its own Standalone VR headset.


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